Wendy Boyd PhD (QUT), MEd(SCU), DipEd(ECE)(SKTC), BSc(UNSW). 

Dr Wendy Boyd joined Southern Cross University in February 2009 as a Lecturer in the
School of Education. Her professional expertise lies in the field of early childhood
education and care which has taken her into research in this field. She completed her PhD
in 2011, the title of which was Parent decisions regarding paid work and care of the
child. Wendy has published and presented from her PhD, and collaborated to publish
research involving pre-service teachers' attitudes to child care, early childhood
education for sustainability, and advocacy of pre-service teachers in the field of early
childhood. Her approach to teaching of pre-service early childhood teachers has been
recognised through the award of a 2011 Vice Chancellor's Citation Award for
Excellence in Teaching. In 25 years of early childhood professional experience, Wendy led
a large staff team to consistently achieve the highest ratings in the early childhood
Quality Improvement and Accreditation System. Wendy is highly regarded in the early
childhood field and is the President of ECA (NSW) North Coast Branch, actively advocating
for universal access to high quality early childhood education and care for children and
their families. 

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