Christians in the American Empire: Faith and Citizenship in the New World Order (2008)

What does it mean to be a Christian citizen of the United States today? This...


Contributions to Books

Catholic Social Thought and the New Urbanism -- A Shared Vision to Confront the Problem of Urban Sprawl, Recovering Self-Evident Truths: Catholic Perspectives on American Law (2007)


Enter the Poor: American Welfare Reform, Solidarity and the Capability of Human Flourishing, Transforming Unjust Structures: The Capability Approach (2006)



Reforming the Legal Profession through Faith-Based Service Learning for Law Students: Notre Dame's 'Just Communities' Project, Journal of College and Character (2009)

Major curricular reform is long overdue at many American law schools, and the current economic...



Catholic Social Teaching and Global Migration: Bridging the Paradox of Universal Human Rights and Territorial Self-Determination, Seattle University Law Review (2009)

In this essay, I will consider how law, religion, and democratic pluralism revolve around a...



No Bonds but Those Freely Chosen: An Obituary for the Principle of Forced Heirship in American Law, Civil Law Commentaries (2008)

This article explains the history of forced heirship in Louisiana and describes the negative implications...



A Crisis of Caring: A Catholic Critique of American Welfare Reform, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (2003)

The current deterioration of the American economy is bringing new attention to the problem of...



The Community Reinvestment Act: Questionable Premises and Perverse Incentives (with Keith N. Hylton), Annual Review of Banking Law (1999)

Having just passed the twentieth anniversary of the enactment of the Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA"...


Popular Press


Four Ways to Fix Law School, U.S. News and World Report (2013)


Muscular liberalism or multiculturalism?, Contending Modernities (2011)


Multicultural modernity in Montréal, Contending Modernities (2010)

Works in Progress

Steven Shiffin: The Religious Left and Church-State Relations, Journal of Law, Philosophy, and Culture, Vol. IV, No.1 (2011)

Forthcoming in the Journal of Law, Philosophy, and Culture, Vol. IV, No. 1


Selected Professional Activities

Global Migration, Citizenship, and Catholic Social Teaching, Rockhurst University Visiting Scholar Lecture Series (2013)

Book Reviews


Quality of Life: A Review of Martha Nussbaum's Creating Capabilities (2011)

When societal progress is viewed primarily in terms of the overall increase in economic wealth,...