Sarah Vieweg focuses on various dimensions of the study of social media and
microblogging, human-computer interaction (HCI), and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
(CSCW). She has a background in linguistics, and incorporates social and communications
theory in her work. 

She is a Scientist with the Social Computing group at the Qatar Computing Research
Institute (QCRI). She works with the Crisis Computing team, and researches the use of
social media sites and microblogging services during mass emergency events and
humanitarian crises with the aim of creating methods and tools that enhance situational
awareness in time- and safety-sensitive situations. 

In addition, Sarah studies the use of social media by Qatari adults, and looks at how
they navigate cultural norms and identity through various online technologies. 

Her dissertation, "Situational Awareness in Mass Emergency: A Behavioral and
Linguistic Analysis of Microblogged Communications," explores the use of Twitter
during mass emergencies with an eye toward creating tools to automatically identify
information that contributes to situational awareness. 

Previously, Sarah worked at Oblong Industries, an innovative company whose technology
transforms the way we work, create, and collaborate. 



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Inferring Nationalities of Twitter Users and Studying Inter-National Linking (with Wenyi Huang and Ingmar Weber), ACM HyperText Conference (2014)

Book Chapters

Citizen Photojournalism During Crisis Events (with Sophia B. Liu, Leysia Palen, Jeannette Sutton, and Amanda L. Hughes), Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives (2009)