A native of Cambodia, Dr. Vichet Sum is currently Chair of the Department and an
Associate Professor of Finance. His areas of specialization include Financial Theories,
Financial Economics and Econometrics, Financial Management, Managerial & Financial
Accounting, Real Estate Finance, Macroeconomics of Imperfect Capital Markets, Monetary
Policy Economics, Development Economics, Workforce Training & Development, Corporate
Training Management, Industrial Management, and Assessments and Evaluations of the
Competitiveness of the Nations. 

Dr. Sum is very well published and highly recognized nationally and internationally for
his intellectual contributions. His published papers have been cited in many leading
academic journals, books, industry reports and both national and international media
outlets such as Wall Street Journal Market Watch, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, MorningStar,
Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Businessweek, Australia Financial Review and Les Échos
(French Financial Newspapers). Dr. Sum is also a regular academic guest engaging in
global economic and monetary policy discussions at the IMF and World Bank Spring and
Annual Meetings. Per invitation from the National Bank of Cambodia, Dr. Sum conducted a
workshop on "Using Vector Autoregression Model to Analyze Monetary Policy
Transmission" for a large group of researchers and economists at the National Bank
of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on December 24, 2014. 

Dr. Sum completed his Post-Doctoral Program in Finance at the University of Florida in
2011. He holds a Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development and a minor in Finance and
Economics from Southern Illinois University. He also has a Master of Training and
Development in Human Resource Training and Development from Idaho State University and a
Master of Management Science in Industrial Management from National Cheng Kung
University, Taiwan. Dr. Sum's first alma mater is the Royal University of Phnom
Penh, Cambodia, where he completed his Bachelor of Education in English and Teaching
English as a Foreign Language. Dr. Sum enjoys watching and attending sport events,
traveling to different places, and sampling different dishes. 

Refereed Journal Articles


Training and the Firm's Competitiveness: A Survey of Practitioners, Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (2014)


Quality of the Firm’s Training and Stock Returns, Journal of Wealth Management (2014)

Working Papers

Unpublished Papers