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In the Federal Communications Commission, Ronald Coase exposed deep foundations via normative argument buttressed by...

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Discover: A Memoir (2008)

Contributions to Books

Introduction: Experimental Economics and Neuroeconomics, Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain (2008)


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Adam Smith identified two key components in the wealth creation process of human societies: exchange...

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Popular Press


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In the authors' shared opinion, the economic evidence does not support the regulations proposed in...



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As economists, we believe that the Second Circuit's ruling, by not allowing the consideration of...

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Economists have long recognized that certainty of contract is essential to a healthy economy. Long-term...



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Prediction markets are markets for contracts that yield payments based on the outcome of an...



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Network neutrality is a policy proposal that would regulate how network providers manage and price...


Unpublished Papers


Transparency, Efficiency and the Distribution of Economic Welfare in Pass-Through Investment Trust Games (with Thomas Rietz, Roman M. Sheremeta, and Timothy W. Shields) (2011)

We design an experiment to examine welfare and behavior in a multi-level trust game representing...



Exchange and Specializiation as a Discovery Process (with Sean Crockett and Bart J. Wilson) (2006)

In this paper we study the performance of an economic environment that can support specialization...



When Punishment Fails: Research on Sanctions, Intentions and Non-Cooperation (with Daniel Houser, Erte Xiao, and Kevin A. McCabe) (2005)

People can become less cooperative when threatened with sanctions, and previous research has pointed to...




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The signatories to this document are economists who have studied telecommunications, auctions, and competition policy....



Historical Property Rights, Sociality, and the Emergence of Impersonal Exchange in Long-Distance Trade (with Erik Kimbrough and Bart J. Wilson) (2006)

This laboratory experiment explores the extent to which impersonal exchange emerges from personal exchange with...



Brief of Amici Curiae Economists in Support of Petitioners, Bell Atlantic V. Twombly (with William J. Baumol, Michael J. Boskin, Robert W. Crandall, Kenneth G. Elzinga, David S. Evans, Gerald R. Faulhaber, Franklin M. Fisher, Luke Froeb, Richard J. Gilbert, Paul L. Joskow, Michael L. Katz, Paul R. Milgrom, Thomas G. Moore, Janusz A. Ordover, Robert H. Porter, Frederic M. Scherer, Richard Schmalensee, Marius Schwartz, David S. Sibley, Edward A. Snyder, A. Michael Spence, Pablo T. Spiller, Alan O. Sykes, David Teece, and Michael D. Whinston) (2006)

The "parallel behavior is enough" standard cannot assist the courts in distinguishing horizontal agreements to...



Letter to FCC Chairman Powell Concerning Auction 35 (with Peter Cramton, Robert W. Crandall, Robert W. Hahn, Robert G. Harris, Jerry A. Hausman, Thomas W. Hazlett, Douglas Lichtman, Paul W. MacAvoy, Paul R. Milgrom, J. Gregory Sidak, Richard Schmalensee, Hal J. Singer, William E. Taylor III, and David Teece) (2002)

Fifteen scholars on auctions and telecommunications regulation urge the FCC to cancel bids made in,...