Professor Briggs specializes in human resource economics and public policy in the
ILR School at Cornell University. Over the years his research has embraced such subjects
as minority participation in apprenticeship training; southern rural labor market
analysis; direct job creation strategies, Chicano employment issues; and immigration
policy and the American labor force. In addition to the extensive publications of his
research, he has served as a member of the National Council on Employment Policy as well
as on the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public and Private Ventures
(Philadelphia) and the Center for Immigration Studies (Washington D.C.). He has also
served on the editorial boards of such professional journals as the Industrial and Labor
Relations Review, the Journal of Human Resources, The Texas Business Review, and the
Journal of Economic Issues. 



The Career of Vernon Briggs, Jr.: A Liberal Economist’s Struggle to Reduce Immigration, Backgrounder (2012)

[Excerpt] At the conclusion of Cornell’s spring semester in 2007, Briggs ended his 47 years...



Vernon Briggs: Real-World Labor Economist, Human resource economics and public policy: Essays in honor of Vernon M. Briggs, Jr. (2010)

[Excerpt] Vernon Briggs stepped into a wastebasket and launched my career as a labor economist....



The Human Resource Economics of Vernon Briggs, Human resource economics and public policy: Essays in honor of Vernon M. Briggs Jr. (2009)

This essay examines the conception of human resource economics (HRE) that shaped the career of...




The Economic Downturn is Accentuated by Labor Market Deficiencies of U.S. Immigration Policies: A Mandate for Change, Policy & Issue Briefs (2012)

[Excerpt] The depth and length of the economic downturn has already led federal policymakers to...



Counterpoint: Reply to Orrenius and Zavodny, Articles and Chapters (2012)

[Excerpt] On the fundamental conclusions, the positions argued by Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny and...



The Elusive Goal: The Quest for a Credible Immigration Policy, Articles and Chapters (2012)

[Excerpt] The starting point for all immigration reform efforts must be making the immigration system...



Illegal Immigration and the Dilemma of American Unions, Articles & Chapters (2011)

[Excerpt] Over its long and often turbulent evolution, the American labor movement has confronted few...



The State of U.S. Immigration Policy: The Quandary of Economic Methodology and the Relevance of Economic Research to Know, Articles & Chapters (2009)

[Excerpt] As the 21st Century commences, immigration has once again become a major source of...


Unpublished Papers and Speeches


Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform: Protecting the Employment Rights of the American Labor Force (the Native Born and Foreign Born) who are Eligible to be Employed, Conference Proceedings, Presentations, and Speeches (2010)

[Excerpt] Ever since the latter half of the 19th Century when the United States began...



Reining-in a Rogue Policy: The Imperative of Immigration Reform, CAHRS Working Paper Series (1999)

[Excerpt] It was Napoleon who said “policy is destiny.” There are few better examples of...


Public Testimonies


Illegal Immigration: The Impact on Wages and Employment of Black Workers, Briggs Public Testimonies (2010)

[Excerpt] Before addressing the specific issue of illegal immigration and its economic effects on black...



Immigration Policy and Organized Labor: A Never-Ceasing Issue, Briggs Public Testimonies (2007)

[Excerpt] Over its long history, few issues have caused the caused the American labor movement...



Real Immigration Reform: The Path To Credibility, Briggs Public Testimonies (2007)

[Excerpt] For over 40 years, efforts have been made to respond to the unexpected consequences...



Immigration Reform and the U.S. Labor Force: The Questionable "Wisdom" of S.2611, Briggs Public Testimonies (2006)

[Excerpt] Immigration reform is the domestic policy imperative of our time. The revival of the...



Guestworker Programs for Low-Skilled Workers: Lessons from the Past and Warnings for the Future, Briggs Public Testimonies (2004)

Public testimony by Prof. Briggs given before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Citizenship...


Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications