Over the course of my career, I have worn many hats. 

Currently, I am the Director, Solutions at Z-Axis Tech, a global provider of consulting,
localization, and IT services. 

I also served as Chairman of the Master Program in Translation & Localization
Management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, where I developed and
taught the first completely cloud-based translation technology course in 2011. 

In addition, I have participated in several translation standardization efforts,
including serving as Chairman of the ASTM subcommittee responsible for revising ASTM
F2575 “Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation.” 

My areas of expertise include translation process optimization, cloud-based translation
tools, machine translation in general and integration of machine translation in
translation memory environments in particular, as well as controlled language authoring.



Produkt-orientierte Übersetzung: Weg von der Insel, MDÜ: Fachzeitschrift für Dolmetscher und Übersetze (2015)

Um maximale Produktivität und hohe Qualität, d.h. minimale Nacharbeit nach der eigentlichen Übersetzungsphase, zu erreichen,...



Product-centric translation: What it is and how best to handle it, The ATA Chronicle (2015)

Unlike with “general” technical translations, where the text stands on its own, in product-centric translation...



How LinkedIn helped me land a VP position when I wasn't even looking, LinkedIn Pulse (2014)

Finding a new job can be very time-consuming – or not, especially when you let...



Cloud-based tools are leveling the playing field in localization training, GALAxy Newsletter (2014)

Until recently, teaching a translation technology course required that either the student or the institution...



How I teach localization: Not like old-school translation, tcworld Magazine (2014)

Teaching students how to transfer meaning from one language to another is not enough to...



Contributions to Books


Teaching computer-assisted translation in the 21st century, Alles hängt mit allem zusammen: Translatologische Interdependenzen. Festschrift für Peter A. Schmitt (2013)

Offering translation technology courses is easier than it ever was: Cloud-based learning management systems and...



The need for speed: How to ensure the completion of your most urgent translation projects within three days, Proceedings of the annual conference of the German society of technical communicators (2012)

Today, almost all product-related translation projects are time sensitive. In the case of life science...



Termwiki: A new terminology management system, Translationsforschung (2011)

While widely recognized as a best practice, comprehensive terminology management is typically not part of...



Dispelling the myths of machine translation, The guide to translation and localization. Communicating with the global marketplace (2009)

It is not surprising that myths, half-truths, and misunderstandings abound regarding machine translation: It seems...



Wie mit proaktivem Terminologiemanagement Übersetzungen auf Knopfdruck möglich werden, Terminologie und Fachkommunikation (2008)

Für die Übersetzung der großen Datenbestände der Medtronic Produktda-tenbank sind die beiden bestehenden Workflows ungeeignet....


White Papers


On your terms: Terminology management defines the success of international product launches (with Zachary Overline), CSOFT International (2010)

Whether you’re dealing with products or services, effective terminology management makes the difference between the...



Why terminology management plays a critical part in international launches, CSOFT International (2009)

Terminology management is the activity of systematically collecting, processing, and presenting words that have special...


Unpublished Papers


Controlled Language Optimized for Uniform Translation (CLOUT) (2002)

CLOUT consists of a set of ten simple rules that help authors write translation-friendly source...



How to implement machine translation (2002)

This document illustrates a unique approach to machine translation. The first part of this document...



Machine translation report (2002)

This machine translation project involved post-editing (in a customized Trados environment) a typical guide section...




Teaching translation technology in the 21st century, Translation Forum Russia (2014)

The author's definition of 'technical translation' is pragmatic: Technical translation differs from literary translation in...



Team translation: Helping the freelancer be more competitive, Translation Forum Russia (2014)

Cloud-based computing has made it easier and cheaper than ever for freelance translation professionals to...



TermWiki Pro: A terminology management system designed from the ground up for web-enabled collaboration, Localization World (2014)

A TaaS-based terminology management system, such as CSOFT’s TermWiki Pro, stores terminology information in a...



Training for the language industry, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Webinar (2014)

This presentation provides a landscape view of training programs for the language industry. It covers...



The need for speed, tcworld Conference (2012)

Today, almost all product-related translation projects are time sensitive. In the case of life science...




Terminology talks with the pros: Uwe Muegge, terminologist (2014)

In this interview with Patricia Brenes, Uwe Muegge talks about some of his most recent...



Get your LinkedIn InMap while you still can (2014)

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from LinkedIn letting me know that the...



An overall view of translation in localization - An interview with Uwe Muegge (2014)

In this interview, Uwe Muegge discusses a range of issues related to translation in the...



Training for technical translators: an interview with Uwe Muegge (2013)

The most important characteristic of a typical technical translation project (if there is such a...



I strongly believe in teaching the fundamental skills any knowledge worker in the 21st century needs (2012)

The most important characteristic of a typical technical translation project is that the text to...