Recent Publications *


Review of the Cognitive Abilities Test, Form 7, Russell T. Warne, Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment (2015)
Promoting access to medical education for low-income students, Elizabeth K. Peck, Russell T. Warne, Anne Blum, Paul Hermesmeyer, Elizabeth Lopez, and William Thomson, The Advisor (2015)
Measuring the outliers: An introduction to out-of-level testing with high-achieving students, Karen E. Rambo-Hernandez and Russell T. Warne, Teaching Exceptional Children (2015)


Ave verum corpus - Men's Choir, Keith D. Rowley (2015)


La belle au bois dormant - Acte 1 (Opera), Keith D. Rowley and Fernande Bes (2015)


La belle au bois dormant - Actes 2 & 3 (Opera), Keith D. Rowley and Fernande Bes (2015)
Guiding principles for conducting for service-learning projects, Eric Russell, Jonathan Westover, Colleen Bye, Anne M. Arendt, and Larry Carter, Turkish Journal of Teacher Education (2015)
Survey of siblings: Perceptions of individuals with siblings with and without autism spectrum disorder, Kimberlee Waite, Teresa Cardon, and Russell T. Warne, Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (2015)
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Top 10 Papers in Selected Works @ Utah Valley University *

  1. Using Open Educational Resources in the Basic Composition Classroom, Anne M. Arendt, TYCA-West Conference 2009 - Point & Counterpoint (2009).
  2. Systems Theory and Structural Functionalism, John Fisher, 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook (2010).
  3. The Influence of Maslow's Humanistic Views on an Employee's Motivation to Learn, Ian Wilson and Susan R. Madsen, Mountain Plains Management Conference (2006).
  4. Descriptive Phenomenological Psychological Method: An Example of a Methodology Section from Doctoral Dissertation, Rodger E. Broome (2011).
  5. Traits, Skills, and Knowledge Required of Successful Human Resource Leaders, Susan R. Madsen and Anita Musto, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship (2004).
  6. The Benefits, Challenges, and Implications of Teleworking: A Literature Review, Susan R. Madsen, Journal of Business for Entrepreneurs (2003).
  7. Readiness for Organizational Change, Susan R. Madsen, Duane Miller, and Cameron John, Western Academy of Management (2005).
  8. An Evaluation of the Transtheoretical Model of Individual Change and its Implications for Human Resource Development, Susan R. Madsen, Academy of Human Resource Development Research Conference of the Americas (2003).
  9. Rhapsody on Come, Come Ye Saints - Piano Solo, Keith D. Rowley (1985).
  10. Viewing Corporate Wellness Programs as Systems, Susan R. Madsen, World Business Congress of the International Management Development Association (2003).
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