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Branes and fluxes in D=5 Calabi–Yau compactifications of M-theory

Michał Spaliński, Harvard University
Tomasz R. Taylor, Northeastern University

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Originally posted at Preprint of an article published in Physics Letters B, v.485 no.1-3, 2000.


We discuss Poincaré three-brane solutions in D = 5 M-Theory compactifications on Calabi-Yau (CY) threefolds with G-fluxes. We show that the vector moduli freeze at an attractor point. In the case with background flux only, the spacetime geometry contains a zero volume singularity with the three-brane and the CY space shrinking simultaneously to a point. This problem can be avoided by including explicit three-brane sources. We consider two cases in detail: a single brane and, when the transverse dimension is compactified on a circle, a pair of branes with opposite tensions.

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Michał Spaliński and Tomasz R. Taylor. "Branes and fluxes in D=5 Calabi–Yau compactifications of M-theory" Physics Faculty Publications (2000).
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