Dr. Trish Tucker is an Assistant Professor in the School of Occupational Therapy at
Western University. Dr. Tucker’s expertise are in the broad areas of health promotion,
physical activity, and childhood obesity prevention. Her primary area of research is the
measurement and promotion of physical activity with a particular focus on preschool-aged
children. Trish’s current research includes: (1) examining differences in physical
activity levels among preschoolers attending different types of early learning
environments; and (2) exploring environmental influences on activity participation.

Refereed Publications


Exploring the Nexus Between Health Promotion and Occupational Therapy: Synergies and Similarities (with Leigh M. Vanderloo, Jennifer D. Irwin, Angela D. Mandich, and Ann M. Bossers), The Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy (2014)


The Influence of Centre-Based Childcare on Preschoolers' Physical Activity Levels: A Cross-Sectional Study (with Leigh M. Vanderloo, Andrew M. Johnson, Melissa M. van Zandvoort, Shauna M. Burke, and Jennifer D. Irwin), International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2014)


Learning Environments' Activity Potential for Preschoolers (LEAPP): Study Rationale and Design (with Leigh M. Vanderloo, Courtney Newnham-Kanas, Shauna M. Burke, Jennifer D. Irwin, Andrew M. Johnson, and Melissa M. van Zandvoort), Journal of Public Health Research (2013)


Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Preschoolers: A Meta-Analysis (with Elliott S. Gordon, Shauna M. Burke, and Albert V. Carron), Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (2013)

Books and Book Reviews

Book Chapters

Cancer, Core Concepts in Health, Canadian Edition (2011)

Through An Other Looking Glass: Gender, Social Issues, and the Media Impact on Body Image (with Jennifer D. Irwin), Health Studies Publications (2006)