Algae Grown on Dairy and Municipal Wastewater for Simultaneous Nutrient Removal and Lipid Production for Biofuel Feedstock (with Ian Woertz, A. Feffer, and Yarrow Nelson), Journal of Environmental Engineering (2009)

Algae grown on wastewater media are a potential source of low-cost lipids for production of...



Microalgal Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Potential for Replacement of Fossil Fuels and Animal Feeds (with D. E. Brune and J. R. Benemann), Journal of Environmental Engineering (2009)

Microalgal biomass production offers a number of advantages over conventional biomass production, including higher productivities,...




A Realistic Technology and Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuel Production (with I. C. Woertz, N. W. T. Quinn, and J. R. Benemann), Energy Biosciences Institute (2010)

This report assesses the economics of microalgae biofuels production through an analysis of five production...


Conference Proceedings


Nutrient Removal & Greenhouse Gas Abatement with CO2 Supplemented Algal High Rate Ponds (with Ian Woertz and Laura Fulton), Proceedings of the 2009 WEFTEC Annual Conference: Orlando, FL (2009)

High rate algae ponds fed clarified domestic wastewater and CO2-rich flue gas are expected to...



Biogas Production from Algae Biomass Harvested at Wastewater Treatment Ponds (with Michael Salerno and Yakup Nurdogan), Proceedings of the 2009 Bioenergy Engineering Conference (2009)

Waste-grown microalgae are a potentially important biomass for biofuel production. However, most of the 7,000...