Dr. Thomas Wuerzer came to Boise State University in 2011 after earning his Ph.D. in
Regional Development Planning from the University of Cincinnati's School of
Planning. He holds a Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy from the University of
Delaware, and is Diplom Geographer (Spatial Planning) from the University of Bayreuth in

His work and research are bridged by an in-depth background in Geographic Information
Systems (GIS). Prior to Boise State University, he was the first Doctoral Fellow of the
Cincinnati Area GIS consortium (CAGIS) and received national recognition for his software
in emergency and infrastructure (asset) management. Overall, he combines international
and domestic experiences from Germany, Finland, Delaware, Ohio, and now Idaho, and about
15 years of GIS, into his research. Dr. Wuerzer's research interests include mixed
land uses, GIS and visualization, and advocates active living and quality of life in his

He is actively researching regional planning issues of wildfires within the Wildland
Urban Interface (WUI) as part of an transdisciplinary research team of colleagues in
Geosciences and Public Policy: BURN, the Boise Urban Research on Naturalhazards. The BURN
team conducts research projects on wildfire and related hazards' impacts on natural
and built environment, wildlife and human habitat. 


Lessons of Fire Risk: Awareness and Preparedness at the Boise Wildland Urban Interface, Annual Meeting, Idaho Chapter of the American Planning Association (2013)

Cycling Behavior Among College Students: Is Distance the Final Frontier? (with Susan Mason and Lynda Ransdell), Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference (2013)

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Predictors of Cycling in College Students (with Lynda B. Ransdell, Susan G. Mason, and Ka Man Leung), Journal of American College Health (2013)


Boise Bike Share Location Analysis (with Susan Mason and Riley Youngerman), Community and Regional Planning, Boise State University (2012)

Contributions to Books

'Smart Growth' and 'Urban Health', Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research (forthcoming) (2014)

Kuala Lumpur: System of Spatial Planning, Development Programs and Development Plans, The Great Leap Forward: World Cities, Global Cities, Smart Cities, Postmodern Cities; Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as Models of the Great City in the 21st Century (2003)