About Thomas Wuerzer

Dr. Thomas Wuerzer -
Ph.D. in Regional Development Planning
Dr. Wuerzer's research interests include mixed land uses, GIS and visualization, and advocates active living and quality of life in his research. His passion and active research are regional planning issues of wildfires within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). He is founder of an transdisciplinary research team of colleagues in Geosciences and Public Policy: BURN, the Boise Urban Research on Naturalhazards. The BURN team conducts research projects on wildfire and related hazards' impacts on natural and built environment, wildlife and human habitat.
His work and research are bridged by an in-depth background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Overall, he combines international and domestic experiences from Germany, Finland, Delaware, Ohio, and now Idaho, and almost 20 years of GIS, into his research.


Present Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Regional Planning, Boise State University

Research Interests

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Wildfires, Planning for Fire, Land Use Planning, Smart Growth and Growth Management, and Healthy Cities, Active Living, Cycling

Honors and Awards

2013 - National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCOR, "Threats to Idaho Communities from Climate Change, Wildfires, and Erosion: The Role of Public Policy, Planning and Fire-Science at the Wildland-Urban Interface", 2012 - NSF EPSCoR "Research Experience Undergraduate" Research Grant, College of Social Science and Public Affairs Summer Research Stipend, and 2006 - 2010 -- Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System Consortium -- Doctoral Fellowship

Contact Information

E-mail: thomaswuerzer@boisestate.edu


Wildfires (5)

Active Living/ Cycling / Bike Share (9)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (11)

Visualization (2)

Mixed-Use Developments (1)

International Planning (2)

Teaching Projects and Reports (1)