Research Interests Dr. Terleph works in the areas of animal behavior and behavioral
neuroscience, conducting research in both the lab and field. Most of Dr. Terleph's
work involves the study of animal vocal communication. He has investigated calls and
songs, and their neural correlates, in a number of species from birds to mammals.
Students in Dr. Terleph's lab have participated in projects that include
investigations of the ultrasonic vocalizations of monogamous prairie voles (Microtus
ochrogaster) and the recording and analysis of songs from the white handed gibbon
(Hylobates lar). He maintains a colony of prairie voles in his lab, and has recently
begun a project that involves the recording and analysis of vocalizations from a free
living population of gibbons in Thailand. 

Teaching Responsibilities BI 111/113, 112/114 Concepts in Biology FYBI125 Freshman
Seminar: Mystery of Human Consciousness BI 190/191 Seminar on the Health Professions
BI201 Organisms to Populations BI 205 Essentials of Neuroscience BI 255 Animal Behavior
BI 305 Behavioral Neurobiology BI 345 Neurobiology BI390 Student Research BI399 Senior



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Gibbons (family Hylobatidae) produce loud, elaborate vocalizations (songs), often in well-coordinated male/female duets. The female's...



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GABAergic transmission influences sensory processing and experience-dependent plasticity in the adult brain. Little is known...



A Comparison of Prairie Vole Audible and Ultrasonic Pup Calls and Attraction to Them by Adults of Each Sex, Biology Faculty Publications (2011)

Rodent pups of many species emit both ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) and calls spanning into a...



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Here we describe a protocol for bilateral multielectrode neurophysiological recordings during intracerebral pharmacological manipulations in...



Neural Coding of Temporal Information and Its Topography in the Auditory Cortex (with Raphael Pinaud), Biology Faculty Publications (2010)

The article discusses a study that focused on neural coding of temporal information and topography...