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The Delaware Arbitration Program established a procedure by which businesses can agree to have their...



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Recent Supreme Court decisions have heightened concerns about the degree of effective judicial oversight of...



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In this article, Professor Stipanowich explores recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the...



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For the third time in the modern era, a triad of key Supreme Court decisions...



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Despite meaningful efforts to promote better practices and ensure quality among arbitrators and advocates, criticism...


Contributions to Books


Behind the Neutral: The Critical Role of Provider Institutions, AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration 2d ed. (2010)

In the last generation the “quiet revolution” in conflict resolution has spawned a vast array...


Unpublished Papers


Living with ADR: Evolving Perceptions and Use of Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management in Fortune 1,000 Corporations (2013)

For the second time in fifteen years, leading counsel at many of the world’s largest...




National Roundtable on Consumer and Employment Dispute Resolution: Consumer Arbitration Roundtable Summary Report (with Nancy Walsh, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, and Lawrence R. Mills) (2012)

This report is a summary of the discussions at the Consumer Arbitration Roundtable held at...