Thomas C. Kohler is the Concurrent Professor of Law and Philosophy. Professor Kohler
is an internationally recognized authority on the labor and employment law of the United
States and other western nations, with a special emphasis on German law. He has served as
a Fulbright Professor on the Law Faculty of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität
(Frankfurt am Main), and has taught at the University of Texas School of Law and Columbia
University’s Graduate School of Business. Among other honors, he has been a Fellow of the
German Marshall Fund and a Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Research Fellow. He has
served as a member of the Advisory Board for the E.U.-sponsored European Labour Law
Network (ELLN), a Consultant to the Industrial Relations section of the Department of
Sociology of the University of Warsaw, a member of the International Board for the
National College of Ireland, and as a Scientific Expert to the Pontifical Academy of
Social Sciences at the Vatican. He also has acted as a consultant to governments, NGOs
and other international organizations on labor and employment law and policy matters. 

Prof. Kohler has lectured and published widely in the United States, Europe and Japan. In
addition to an extensive body of publications on labor and employment law issues, and in
comparative law, he has written on personhood, mediating institutions and other issues in
social and political theory, as well as on issues in Catholic social thought. He is only
the second American to have been invited to present both the annual Hugo Sinzheimer
Memorial Lecture (Univ. of Frankfurt Faculty of Law) and the Japan International Labor
Law Foundation Distinguished Lectures (University of Tokyo Faculty of Law). And he has
twice been invited to address the biennial meeting of the Deutscher Juristentag (the
Association of German Jurists). 

Prof. Kohler serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Comparative Labor Law &
Policy Journal; the American Journal of Comparative Law, and as an International Advisor
to and a member of the Scientific Committee of IUSLabor, a journal sponsored by the Law
Faculty of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He also serves on the National
Executive Board of the International Society for Labor Law and Social Security. 

Recent activities include: lectures in the series, Göttingen Lectures in Foreign and
International Labor Law (Law Faculty of the University of Göttingen); at the Law Faculty
of the University of Jena; and at the Hugo Sinzheimer Institut in Frankfurt. Recent
articles include Comparative Law in a Time of Globalization: Some Reflections, 52
Duquesne L. Rev. (forthcoming, 2014); Konrad Adenauer’s Christian Vision, First Things
(tracing the roots of the German social market ideas) (forthcoming, 2014), and
Neutralität des Arbeitgebers im US-amerikanischem Arbeitsrecht?, in Arbeit und Recht.,
60.4. Prof. Kohler is currently working on a book entitled, Solidarity Forever: the Story
and Significance of an Idea (forthcoming, Yale University Press). 

Prof. Kohler is a member of the American Law Institute, a Fellow of the American Bar
Foundation, and a member of the Association of German Jurists (Deutscher Juristentag).



Comparative Law in a Time of Globalization: Some Reflections, Duquesne Law Journal (2014)

This piece discusses the tension between internationalization of legal ordering and the growing pressure against...

Neutralitaet des Arbeitgebers im US-amerikanischen Arbeitsrecht?, Arbeit und Recht (2012)

It is for workers alone to decide whether to organize for purposes of collective bargaining....

Employer Neutrality?, Arbeit und Recht (2012)

It is for workers alone to decide whether to organize for purposes of collective bargaining....



Modern Man, America (2009)

Contributions to Books

Hugues-Felicite-Robert de Lamennais (1782-1854), Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy (2012)

Encyclopedia entry for the theologian and social theorist, Lamennais.

A Study in Ideal Anti-Types: Executive Status and Labor Market Regulation in Comparative Perspective, Labour Law of Executive Staff in Selected Countries/ Arbeitsrecht fur Fuhrungskrafte in ausgewahlten Rechtsordnungen (2010)

Comparative study and assessment of legal protections afforded leading management personnel in several leading European...

A Rock on Which One Can Build: Friendship, Solidarity, and the Notion of Authority, Civilizing Authority: Society, State, and the Church (2007)


Decentralizing Industrial Relations: The American Situation and its Significance in Comparative Perspective, Decentralizing Industrial Relations and the Role of Labour Unions and Employee Representatives (2007)


Labor Law: 'Making Life More Human' - Work and the Social Question, Recovering Self-Evident Truths: Catholic Perspectives on American Law (2007)

Popular Press

Selected Professional Activities

Catholic Social Thought: A Critical Investigation, Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago (2013)
Speaker and Participant: A Celebration of the Work of Mary Ann Glendon, University of Notre Dame Law School and the Law Faculty, University of Florence (2013)
Author Meets Reader - After the Standard Contract of Employment: Innovations in Regulatory Design, Law and Society Annual Meeting (2013)

Panel on the book Re-thinking Workplace Regulation: Beyond the Standard Contract of Employment by Harry...

Participant, Pacem in Terris: After Fifty Years, University of Chicago (2013)