Therese Zink has extensive expertise in the areas of family violence, sexual
assault, women’s health, rural health care delivery and education, international health,
medical professionalism and creative writing. She has conducted research on better care
in the medical office for families living with violence and examined the costs of
transforming medical practices and how to implement guidelines for chronic kidney



Intimate Partner Violence, The Ohio Family Physician (2014)


Toward a Global Understanding of Students Who Participate in Rural Primary Care Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships: Considering Personality Across 2 Continents (with Diann S. Eley, Kathleen D. Brooks, and C. Robert Cloninger), The Journal of Rural Health (2014)


Medical schools worldwide have developed rural primary care immersive experiences to nurture students’ interest...



Profiles of Rural Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Students: A Descriptive Study of Six Consective Student Cohorts (with Kathleen D. Brooks and Diann S. Eley), Medical Teacher (2014)

Background: Medical schools worldwide are challenged to address the rural primary care workforce shortage by...


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Background: With the popularity of global health among medical students and residents, family medicine (FM)...



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Purpose: Rural physicians wrestle with professional boundary issues routinely in everyday interactions, and their...



Mission Rwanda, Books (2014)

Dr. Ann McLannly blames herself for her niece’s tragic death. And after her mother dies,...


Confessions of a Sin Eater: A Doctor's Reflections, Books (2012)

Dr. Therese Zink, teacher, clinician and researcher, explores the burden, mystery and privilege of doctoring....


Becoming a Doctor: Reflections by Minnesota Medical Students, Books (2012)

Caring for patients is a privilege. Learning how to assist and watch patients as they...


The Country Doctor Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Reader, Books (2010)

Over the past thirty years, rural health care in the United States has changed dramatically....


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The Year Book of Family Practice brings you abstracts of articles carefully selected from more...


Contributions to Books

Outsiders in Navajo Land, Why We Ride: Women Writers on the Horses in Their Lives (2010)

Domestic Violence (with Robert Siegel), Child Maltreatment: A Clinical Guide and Photographic Reference Identifying Potential Child Abuse 3rd Edition (2005)

Herbal Medicine (with Jodi Chaffin), Manual of Family Practice (2002)

Partner Violence (with B. Tobias and M. Sandvig), Guide to the Family Medicine Clerkship (2001)

Conference Proceedings


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Of the estimated 6.8 million rapes and physical assaults that occur each year against U.S....



A Pilgrim's Journey, Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature (2011)

In Mexico City at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, many worshipers crawl to...


Living and Dying Well, Twelve Breaths a Minute: End-of-Life Essays (2011)



Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Screening, Healthier Pregnancy: Tools and Techniques to Best Provide ACA-Covered Preventive Services (2014)

Healthier Pregnancy: Tools and Techniques to Best Provide Affordable Care Act Covered Preventive Services addresses...



Family Violence Quality Assessment Tool for Primary Care Offices, Strengthening Healthcare-based Domestic Violence Programs through Evaluation (2013)

Is 21st Century Rural Medicine for Me?, Family Medicine Midwest (2012)

Learning Objectives: 1: To expose participants interested in rural practice about the modern realities; 2:...



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The Triple Aim - improved outcomes/quality of care, improved patient experience, and reduced cost -...


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During the third or fourth year of medical school, University of Minnesota medical students complete...


Letter to the Editors


In Reply to Watts and Parker: Management of Professional Boundaries in Rural Practice (with Kathleen D. Brooks, Diann S. Eley, and Rebekah Pratt), Academic Medicine (2013)


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