My research agenda focuses on the intersection of information literacy and research
method pedagogy in theological education. The facet of information literacy that most
intrigues me is how to "evaluate information," particularly in a religiously
pluralistic context. To this end, I am exploring the philosophy of information, social
epistemology, the epistemology of testimony and the epistemology of disagreement as one
inquiry; and as another line, the history of the book, scholarly communication, and
academic writing. 



Quality Research Papers For Students of Religion and Theology (with Nancy Jean Vyhmeister) (2014)

This updated third edition of Quality Research Papers---fast becoming a standard reference textbook for writing...


Contributions to Books


The Postmodern Shift in Library Instruction, Revisiting Postmodernism: An Old Debate on a New Era (2013)

Fifty years ago, prior to the digital revolution, library instruction consisted of a knowledgeable librarian...




The Center for Adventist Research at Andrews University (with Jim Ford and Terry Dwain Robertson), Theological Librarianship (2015)

The Center for Adventist Research (CAR), an Andrews University and General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist...



The Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Hierarchy Goes to Seminary, Advances in the Study of Information and Religion (2013)

In Information Science studies, the Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy is a conventional construct for making sense...



The Implications of Arminius’ Understanding of the Intellect on Knowledge Exchange Strategies in the Mission of the SDA Church, Journal of the Adventist Theological Society (2012)

Arminius differed from the Calvinism he debated in the causal role of information in bringing...



The Impact of Computer Literacy and Library Anxiety on Students' Library Experience (with Lauren Matacio), Journal of Adventist Education (2011)

Despite growing up with technology, are college freshmen well prepared for library research, or does...



An ‘Information Literacy’ Perspective of the Creation/Evolution Debate, Andrews University Seminary Studies (2011)

The conventional information literacy standards do not suffice for engaging the creation/evolution debate. The data...




Information Literacy "Dispositions" Come to Seminary [Poster], 11th Annual Seminary Scholarship Symposium (2015)

The most recent iteration of the ACRL Standards for Information Literacy has added “dispositions” to...



Adventist Librarianship: Worth Writing About [Poster] (with Lauren Matacio), ASDAL Conference (2014)

A Festschrift style publication would provide a venue for SDA Librarians to publish research and...



Why Go To the Library? Pedagogical Reflections [Poster], 10th Annual Seminary Scholarship Symposium (2014)

Why should Seminary students “go to the library”? Because of the ubiquity of online resources,...



Celebrating Milestones: James White Library's 75th Anniversary [Poster] (with Lauren Matacio and Cynthia Helms), ATLA 2013 Annual Conference (2013)

James White Library celebrated its 75th anniversary with a series of activities in the year...

Adventist Mission and the ‘Information Literate’ Audience, First Symposium on Postmodern Sensitive Mission (2012)

(edited and published as book chapter with new title)


Unpublished Papers



Seventh-day Adventist Dissertations and Theses in Religion (2015)

A bibliography of theses and dissertations completed by students at Seventh-day Adventist institutions of Higher...



Seventh-day Adventist Dissertations and Theses in Religion [datafile] (2015)

Excel datafile for Seventh-day Adventist Dissertation and Theses. Includes all records, including those with non-Roman...



Seventh-day Adventist Dissertations and Theses in Religion [EndNote file (.enl)] (with Jón Hjörleifur Stefánsson) (2015)

This is the EndNote file for the Seventh-day Adventist Theses and Dissertations bibliography. It has...