Terry W. Neu, Ph.D. has taught graduate and undergraduate classes since 1996 on both
the Fairfield and Griswold campuses. 

He taught in the Arkansas public school system at White County Central in Judsonia. He
was a secondary science and history teacher for seven years and is also certified in
special education and gifted and talented education. 

Dr. Neu currently serves as the vice President of the Association for the Education of
Gifted Underachieving Students (AEGUS). He has done extensive work with gifted students
with disabilities, modifying the classroom environment for these students as well as
developing a challenging Dually Differentiated Curriculum (DDC) to meet their unique
needs. He has consulted nationally and internationally on teaching strategies for gifted
students with disabilities, the gifted with emotional or behavioral disorders, and
differentiated instruction. He has also written several articles and chapters on these

Dr. Neu is a certified martial arts instructor with the Villaris Martial Arts Centers. On
occasion you can find him hiking, kayaking, bow hunting, or just in the woods practicing
Tai Chi. He resides in Storrs, Connecticut. 

Degrees: BS at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas; Master Degree from the University
of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas; Ph.D. from the Talent Development Program at the
University of Connecticut where his research focused on high ability students with

Research interests and grants: 

Dr. Neu has worked with several of the Jacob K. Javits educational research grants. 

Dr. Neu is involved in researching student and teacher perceptions of bullying in school
and investigating effective programs to bully-proof school age children. He is also very
involved in service learning at Sacred Heart University and leads a delegation of
undergraduate students to Tierra Blanca, El Salvador each spring. Each year the
delegation has a different project to construct from early childhood centers to community



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