Terry Irving is a radical educationist and historian who taught history and politics
at the University of Sydney. He was one of the founders of the Free University (Sydney)
and a prominent New Left figure in the labour history movement in Australia. He writes in
the radical history tradition about class analysis, youth politics, labour intellectuals
and radical democracy. His most recent book (with Rowan Cahill) is 'Radical Sydney -
Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes'(2010). He is currently Visiting Professorial
Fellow at the University of Wollongong. 


Radical Sydney - Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes (with Rowan Cahill Dr), Terence H Irving, Dr (Terry) (2010)

Sydney is represented to its citizens and to the rest of the world as a...



Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes (with Rowan Cahill), 1 edn, University of New South Wales Press Ltd (2010)
The Southern Tree of Liberty - The Democratic Movement in New South Wales Before 1856 (2006)

Responsible government began in New South Wales after two decades of radical democratic agitation. Radical...

The Southern Tree of Liberty: The Democratic Movement in New South Wales before 1856, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (2006)

Who would imagine that democracy in NSW was won through fierce political battles and street...

Places, Protests and Memorabilia - The Labour Heritage Register of New South Wales (with Lucy Taksa) (2002)

A guide to collections and sites of labour heritage in New South Wales. It contains...




'Pickering Un-Picked', Labour History Review (2014)

This is the second installment of my debate with Paul Pickering about 'Chartism and something...



‘Labour History and its political role – a new landscape’, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (2013)

As I was thinking about what to say today I read an article on Manning...



Shaping histories (with Rowan Cahill), Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (2013)

During the last few years, a number of researchers have interviewed the authors regarding their...



‘The triumph of green hearts over sere’: reflections on student radicalism at Sydney University in the 1910s and the 1960s’, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (2013)

At the end of the paper I sketch an argument for considering these two periods...



Modernity’s Discontents: Esmonde Higgins and James Rawling as Labour Intellectuals, Illawarra Unity - Journal of the Illawarra Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History (2012)

In the first half of the twentieth century, two young men from different backgrounds broke...


Contributions to Books

Esmonde Higgins in the Soviet Union, Political Tourists - Travellers from Australia to the Soviet Union in the 1920s-1940s (2008)

Esmonde Higgins visited the Soviet Union in 1920 and became a Communist, and in 1928...

The Growth of Federal Authority, 1929-40, True Believers - The Story of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party (2001)

This chapter covers the period of economic crisis in which Labor returns to government at...

Labour Historians as Labour Intellectuals: Generations and Crises (with Sean Scalmer), Australian Labour History Reconsidered (1999)

Over the last nine decades Australian labour historians have been engaged in a massive, ongoing,...

Esmonde Higgins - Politics as Intellectual Practice, The Point of Change - Marxism/Australia/History/Theory (1998)

This chapter traces Esmonde Higgins' struggle to define his intellectual practice from 1919 to 1954,...



Was there an alternative to liberal representative government in 1856?, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (2007)



"Labour History and its Political Role - A New Landscape (2013)

This address to a centenary issue forum for the Australian journal, "Labour History", focused on...



Blog: Radical Sydney/Radical History (with Rowan Cahill), Rowan Cahill (2010)

This blog was initiated in 2010 in association with the publication of the book "Radical...



Rediscovering Radical History (2010)

This article examines aspects of the connection between radical history and labour history in Australia....


Popular Press


Shaping Histories (with Rowan Cahill), Radical Sydney/Radical History (2013)

An account by Irving and Cahill of their developments as historians in Australia during the...