I am a job market candidate with research interests in the areas of International
Factor Movements, Demographic and Labor Economics, Health Economics, Economic Development
and Growth. 

Email: tmergo@berkeley.edu 

Economics of Emigration

The Health Effects of Migration on the Left-Behind: Evidence from Ethiopian Diversity-Visa (DV) Lottery Migrants* (2013)

The DV lottery is a key channel of immigration to the US for people from...


Job Market Paper


The Effects of International Migration on Migrant-Source Households: Evidence from Ethiopian Diversity-Visa Lottery Migrants (2013)

About a million people have migrated to the US via the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery....


Economics of Fertility

Is Fertility Too Low? Population Aging, Dependency, and Consumption (with Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason) (2013)

Declining fertility and longer lives raise the share of population in the working ages, bringing...