Tanguy Brachet is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of
Medicine and a faculty affiliate at the Center for Outcomes Research at The
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. His research covers topics in health, labor,
and public economics. 



The Effect of Shift Structure on Performance (with Guy David and Andrea Drechsler), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2012)

The effect of shift structure on worker performance and productivity is of increasing interest to...



On The Determinants of Organizational Forgetting (with Guy David), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2011)

Studies of organizational learning and forgetting identify potential channels through which the firm’s production experience...



The Hospital Compare Mortality Model and the Volume–Outcome Relationship (with Jeffrey H. Silber, Paul R. Rosenbaum, Richard N. Ross, Laura J. Bressler, Orit Even-Shoshan, Scott A. Lorch, and Kevin G. Volpp), Health Services Research (2010)

Objective: We ask whether Medicare's Hospital Compare random effects model correctly assesses acute myocardial infarction...



Retention, Learning-by-Doing, and Performance in Emergency Medical Services (with Guy David), Health Services Research (2009)

Objectives. To examine the strength of the volume–outcome relationship among paramedics, a group of providers...



The Time Cost of Prehospital Intubation and Intravenous Access in Trauma Patients (with Brendan G. Carr, Guy David, Reena Duseja, and Charles C. Branas), Prehospital Emergency Care (2008)

Objectives. The prehospital management of trauma patients remains controversial. Little is known about the time...


Contributions to Books


Economies of Scale (with Guy David), Encyclopedia of Health Services Research (2009)

Working Papers


Maternal Smoking, Misclassification, and Infant Health, (Revise and resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics) (2008)

Identifying the causal effect of prenatal maternal smoking on infant health is complicated by unobservable...




Computing Clustered Standard Errors for Two-Stage Least Squares in SAS (2007)

Since SAS doesn't offer a 2SLS procedure that allows for clustered standard errors, this macro...