Dr Tania von der Heidt BBus(NRCAE) MBA(SCU) DipFin(SIA) PhD(SCU)GradCertT&L HE

Tania is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the School of Business & Tourism.
Currently, she is teaching first-year Marketing Principles and Marketing Research
(elective). For her learning-centred approaches, Tania has been awarded a Vice Chancellor
award for outstanding contribution to student learning. 

Tania's primary research area is creative problem solving and collaboration in
product innovation for sustainability marketing. For her PhD, she developed and tested a
model of multi-stakeholder relationships for collaborative product innovation in
Australian manufacturing. Tania has led a number of research projects, including three
for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Rail Innovation (one investigated strategic
information for adoption of very fast trains in Australia; two others researched
opportunities for improving rail environmental regulations and legislation and the costs
associated with excessive regulation). Tania also led a research project to investigate
the embeddedness of sustainability skills in the Bachelor of Business curriculum in
Business and Tourism schools. Tania and her team were awarded a Vice Chancellor and a
national Office of Learning & Teaching award for achievements related to this work. 

Tania is currently supervising around ten Honours, DBA and PhD candidates in a range of
marketing-related research endeavours. 

Prior to joining SCU, Tania worked for more than ten years with companies in Australia
and Germany: As a Fund Manager with State Street Bank & Trust Company, as a
Consultant in productivity improvements with Alexander Proudfoot Management Ltd., as a
Marketing Controller with automobile manufacturer Audi AG and as an Export Consultant
with natural pharmaceutical manufacturer, TP Health Limited. 

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Books and CRC reports


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Book chapters


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Conference publications


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Other research

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In a recent article you read the assertion that “deception is essential to modern marketing”...