Why Personhood Matters, Constitutional Commentary (2015)

One of the most controversial aspect of the Supreme Court's decisions in Citizens United and...



The Heroic Corporation and First Amendment Romanticism: A Response to ProfessorsRedish and Neuborne, Texas Law Review See Also (2014)

Response to book reviews of my book "Brandishing the First Amendment" by Martin Redish and...



Citizens United and the Threat to the Regulatory State, University of Michigan First Impressions (2010)

This brief essay, intended for publication in electronic form, discuses the connection between Citizens United...



Onslaught: Commercial Speech and Gender Inequality, Case Western Law Review (2009)

Utilizing Dove's infamous "Onslaught" viral ad, this Article explores the ways in which commercial speech...



Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Expression in America, Books (2012)

Over the past two decades, corporations and other commercial entities have used strategic litigation to...


Contributions to Books


The New First Amendment and Its Implications for Combating Obesity Through Regulation of Advertising (with Samantha Graff), Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity (2012)

This chapter reviews the recent decisions of the Supreme Court as they bear on attempts...

Selected Entries (Commercial Speech, Burden of Proof), The Encyclopedia of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (2006)
Selected Entries (Burden of Proof, Robbery, and Theft), The Oxford Companion to American Law (2002)


Book Talk: Professor Tamara Piety, Faculty and Alumni Showcase Series (2014)

Over the past two decades, corporations and other commercial entities have used strategic litigation to...

Should Insurance Companies Be Forced to Reimburse Contraceptives Despite Religious Objections? (with Robin Fretwell Wilson), Other Lectures and Presentations (2013)

Presented by TU's Federalist Society: Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson, the Class of 1958 Law Alumni...

Use It or Lose It: Copyright and Fair Use for Researchers and Scholars (with Robert Spoo, Adrian Alexander, Kevin J. H. Dettmar, Peter Jaszi, Brendan O'Neill, Kate O'Neill, Robert Pickering, Paul K. Saint-Amour, Laura Stevens, Sean Latham, and Sam Halabi), Other Lectures and Presentations (2013)

A public forum on Copyright and Fair Use. Panelists included:

  • Adrian Alexander, R.M. and...
Citizens United, Faculty and Alumni Showcase Series (2010)

Professor Tamara Piety discusses the recent Citizen's United case on corporate free speech.



Symposium Opening (with Rachel Hughes), Symposia (2012)

Opening remarks and introduction to the 12th annual Tulsa Law Review's Legal Scholarship Symposium.