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Historical Approaches to Creativity and Innovation

Simon Ville, University of Wollongong

Article comments

Ville, S. (2011). Historical Approaches to Creativity and Innovation. In L. Mann & J. Chan (Eds.), Creativity and Innovation in Business and Beyond: Social Science Perspectives and Policy Implications (pp. 64-81). New York: Routledge.


In this chapter, I will analyse historical approaches to creativity and innovation. Initially, this will take the form of a broad international comparative perspective and then, more specifically, I will address recent Australian historical experience. This will include a focussed look at sources of new technology in the interwar period. In the final section of the paper, I will address briefly the policy implications arising from the historical survey.

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Simon Ville. "Historical Approaches to Creativity and Innovation" Faculty of Commerce - Papers. , 2011. 64-81.
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