Susana Blanco-Iglesias is from Bilbao, Spain. Her research focuses on language
learning and second-language acquisition in general, and in Spanish/English in
particular. Her dissertation project concentrates on the use of Spanish/English by
third-grade children in an immersion program in the Twin Cities. She is also interested
in sociolinguistics, political linguistics, dialectology, translation, and language
contact issues (Spanish/English in Minnesota and in the United States, and Basque/Spanish
in the Basque Country, Spain). 

Blanco-Iglesias has been teaching at Macalester since 1998. 

EDUCATION: M.A., A.B.D., University of Minnesota 

Contributions to Books

Observations of language use in Spanish immersion classroom interactions (with Juaquina Broner and Elaine Tarone), The current state of interlanguage: Studies in honor of William Rutherford (pp. 241-58). Philadelphia, PA : John Benjamins. (1995)

Working Papers


Methodological and Ethical Issues in Classroom-Based Research (with Maggie A. Broner), Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1997)

This paper examines the conflict between theoretical frameworks prescribed by academics and the real world...