A major focus of my research has been seagrass ecosystems with special emphasis on
plant-animal interactions. I am interested in exploring ecological relationships among
fish, invertebrates and plant structure. Likewise, I am interested in how animal activity
influences spatial distributional patterns of seagrasses. Much of my research focuses on
field studies and the seagrass beds in Tampa Bay, located in close proximity to USF,
provide excellent experimental systems as well as suitable contrast to other systems
within which I have worked (e.g. North Carolina, New Zealand). 

My present research interests include examining landscape ecology of seagrass beds and
investigating the links between seagrass change and faunal responses to such changes. An
additional topic of investigation in which I have been actively involved is restoration
of seagrass habitats with a special emphasis on evaluation of functional equivalency of
created seagrass beds. Some of my work has addressed short-term questions about faunal
invasion and productivity but I am also engaged in longer term studies of fish feeding
and invertebrate assemblages in constructed seagrass beds. 



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