Dr. Steven Patrick received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California
at Riverside in 1991. In graduate school Dr. Patrick specialized in Social Psychology and
Formal Organizations and these specializations along with the rigorous training required
in Methods and Theory have helped guide his work. Since coming to the University, Dr.
Patrick's research has focused on criminological studies of juvenile diversion
programs, drug courts, inequality in juvenile corrections and most centrally a long term
study of child sexual abuse. This last area of study is now the main focus of Dr.
Patrick's research. Dr. Patrick has not only begun reporting the results of data
collected for the state but has started the development, and related testing, of a theory
of child sexual abuse, combining a number of different theoretical perspectives. 



Estimating Age: College Males Versus Convicted Male Child Sex Offenders (with Robert Marsh and Sergio Romero), Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (2013)

Two samples, male college students and convicted male child sex offenders, are compared on their...



Sentencing Outcomes of Convicted Child Sex Offenders (with Robert Marsh), Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (2011)

This research examines the sentencing outcomes of convicted child sexual offenders from data collected over...



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In the initial analysis of data from a random sample of all those charged with...



The Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse in Idaho: July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007 (with Robert L. Marsh, Ted Hopfenbeck, Beth Doane, Nate Hopfenbeck, and Michelle Morrison), Report to the Idaho Legislature (2008)

House Bill 362, passed in 1989 (adding section 67-1405 to the Idaho Code), expanded the...



Beneath the Surface: Juvenile Adjudication Disparity in a Rural County (with Robert Marsh), Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice (2007)

A rural county with a high Hispanic population showed small disproportionate minority contact (citation or...


Contributions to Books


Juvenile Diversion Programs (with Robert L. Marsh), Handbook of Juvenile Justice: Theory and Practice (2006)


Prison Sentencing and Confinement for Child Sex Offenders (with Robert Marsh), Western Social Science Association (2009)

Probation Sentencing Convicted for Child Sex Offenders (with Robert L. Marsh), Western Social Science Association (2009)

This Research examines the probation sentencing of convicted from data collected over an 8 year...


Estimating the Age of Young Females: Do We See Children as Adults? (with Robert Marsh), Western Social Science Association (2008)