In the past my research focused on the physical sciences, molecular evolutionary
genetics and methods of analyzing gene expression data. My undergraduate work was done at
UC Davis and I hold a Ph.D. from UC Irvine. Much of my dissertation involved
investigating the patterns of coding region substitution variability (ways of measuring
the variability, empirical studies of the variability in mammals and hypothesis testing)
in an attempt to better understand the nature of population genetic models that might
give rise to such patterns. Interestingly, the dispersion index was found to
significantly increase over time for mammals. (This work was done in collaboration with
John Gillespie, Dick Hudson and Walter Fitch.) I also developed and analyzed stochastic
models of haploid evolution and led a substantial effort to develop computational methods
to address the analysis of shared chromosomal regions in extremely large and complex
extended families with segregating disease variants (collaborators: Ray White, Nori
Matsunami, Veronica Garcia and Hywel Jones). 

I'm currently a tenure-track research scientist at the Marshfield Clinic Research
Foundation at the Center for Human Genetics. My lab focuses on both experimental work
mapping disease genes as well as genetics theory and applied probability. Understanding
the genetics underlying variation in Th17-mediated activity and the causes of aberrant,
pathogenic IL-23/IL-17 signaling is a central aim of my empirical research. With regard
to theory, my lab is currently investigating sequencing analysis methods, large-scale
simulation of disease models in distantly-related individuals, and the decay of linkage
disequilibrium from disease-causing variants. 

Prior to my position at Marshfield, I was a senior staff scientist at Celera, located in
Alameda, CA. My primary interests there centered around applying mathematical and
statistical methods to investigate interesting questions in genetics, better understand
genetic processes, and construct genetics theory. Among the projects I have recently
worked on include disease-gene mapping, whole-genome association mapping methods, fine
mapping approaches, genetic prognostic theory, Bayesian methodology and application of
population genetics to disease mapping. Further, I attempt to keep active in genetics
theory, empirical experiments (particularly those related to disease traits), and
statistical methods, primarily probability-based, connecting the two for it is my view
that a robust interplay between these three aspects of science is the engine behind
robust scientific progress. 

I am also involved in many empirical studies of common-disease genetics, largely
revolving around genome-wide association approaches and extended family linkage studies.
The majority of my work in this area has concentrated on mapping autoimmune and
autoinflammatory diseases. With the collaboration of my colleagues, these efforts have
resulted in several findings including the R620W missense SNP in the protein tyrosine
phosphatase PTPN22 and 9q33.2-linked variants residing in the TNF receptor factor
adaptor-encoding TRAF1 gene being correlated with rheumatoid arthritis; and several
polymorphisms within cytokine-related genes – two missense SNPs (L310P and Q381R) in
IL23R, haplotypes in IL12B, and SNPs in IL13 – being in linkage disequilibrium with
psoriasis vulgaris (collaborators: Joe Catanese, Victoria Carlton, Ann Begovich, Peter
Gregersen, Mike Seldin, Lindsey Criswell, Ellen Beasley, Linda McAllister, Michele
Cargill, Monica Chang, Veronica Garcia, Jerry Krueger, Kristina Callis Duffin, Nori
Matsunami, Mark Leppert, Lineagen, John Sninsky). All of these disease-association
findings have been independently replicated by other investigators. In addition, I have
worked on association studies for neurodegenerative diseases, hepatic fibrosis
progression, and fatty liver diseases (collaborators: Andrew Grupe, Yonghong Li, Anand
Chokkalingam, John Sninsky). Recently I've looked into copy-number variation
(collaborators: Andrew Grupe, Charley Rowland). 

Aside from those topics listed above, I am also interested in other fields including: 

(1) The fundamentals of probability theory and statistical inference 

(2) Anthropological genetics 

(3) The mathematics of self-reproducing systems 

(4) Analytic philosophy, foundations of science and the philosophy of language 

Steve Schrodi 

Associate Research Scientist Center for Human Genetics Marshfield Clinic Research

Principal Investigator University of Wisconsin-Institute for Clinical and Translational

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Planetary Geology


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