Dr Steve Provost BScPysch(Hons)(UNSW) PhD(UNSW) GradCertHEd (UNSW) 

Steve Provost is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Southern Cross University at
Coffs Harbour. 

Steve's background is in the study of learning, and in particular theories of
Pavlovian conditioning. He has conducted research and supervised students in a number of
topics within experimental psychology, including stimulus equivalence, attentional
effects of nicotine, implicit learning and the McCollough effect. Since 2004 he has been
heavily involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education,
particularly through his participation in the AUTC/Carrick funded Disciplinary Project on
Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development in Psychology led by Professor Ottmar Lipp
at the University of Queensland. Steve's current research interests are in the
psychopharmacology of nicotine and oestrogen with respect to learning, impulsivity and

Journal articles


Dusted community: piloting a virtual peer-to-peer support community for people with an asbestos-related diagnosis and their families (with Desiree Kozlowski, J Tucker, and Rick van der Zwan), The Journal of Psychosocial Oncology (2014)

Individuals with an asbestos-related diagnosis and their carers face burdens including debilitating and life-limiting physical...



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Nurses are central to the aim of ensuring medication safety, through being...



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For students to be able to benefit from feedback provided on their writing, it is...



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The worldwide academic workforce is ageing. At the same time, health and human services workforces...



University students’ views on the nature of science and psychology (with Frances H. Martin, Amy Peacock, Ottmar V. Lipp, Debra Bath, and Greg Hannan), Psychology Learning & Teaching (2011)

Students’ understanding of the nature of science (NOS), and the degree to which they perceive...


Books and reports

Learning outcomes and curriculum development in psychology (with O Lipp, D Terry, D Chalmers, D Bath, G Hannan, Frances Martin, G Farrell, and Paul Wilson), School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (2006)

The scope of the present project was to provide a review of models and methods...


Book chapters

Do emergency departments meet the needs of children and adolescents presenting with mental health problems? a review of the literature (with Kolleen Miller-Rosser, Martin Gadd, and John Hurley), Current trends in experimental and applied psychology (2012)

Professional intention and anxiety relating to the science of psychology: preliminary data in an Australian context (with Peter Wilson and K Dennis), Teaching psychology around the world (2007)

Australian psychology programs are influenced by the scientist-professional model of psychological training described by the...


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Linking with the real world: student-created hypertexts in the teaching of psychology, Tertiary teaching: doing it differently, doing it better (2002)

Conference publications


Students beliefs about the nature of science, attitudes to studying, and academic performance (with Frances Martin and Amy Peacock), Aiming for excellence in STEM learning and teaching: proceedings [of the] Higher Education Academy's first annual learning and teaching STEM Conference (2012)

Graduate attributes for psychology include a capacity to understand and to behave in a manner...



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Students’ understanding of the nature of science (NOS), and the degree to which they perceive...


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The present studies investigated the extent to which fruit-machine gamblers held erroneous beliefs, specifically the...


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