Dr. Stephen Lilly's professional interests include Technology and Society,
Social Change and Social Movements, Global Capitalism, and Research Methods. 

Degrees: Ph.D. Sociology, University of Massachusetts; M.A. Sociology, University of
Massachusetts; B.A. Sociology, College of the Holy Cross. 

Teaching Responsibilities: Sociological Imagination; Human Community: The Individual and
Society; Science, Technology, and Society; Computer Ethics: Society and Technology;
Society and Economic Change; Social Movements; Methods of Social Research; Applications
of Social Research; Senior Seminar in Sociology. 

Research Interests: Social network sites and privacy, computer surveillance systems,
social debate over enhancement technologies. 

Grants: AIP Innovative Teaching Coalition Workshop; ITC Summer Institute; Hersher
Institute for Applied Ethics. 

Honors, Awards & Fellowship: President, New England Sociological Association
(2000-2001); New England Sociological Association’s Certificate of Appreciation; Chapter
Representative and Member, Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honor Society) 



Transhumanism and Society: The Social Debate Over Human Enhancement, Sociology Faculty Publications (2013)

This book provides an introductory overview to the social debate over enhancement technologies with an...




Will "Smarter" Marketing End Social Discrimination? A Critical Review (with Frances Grodzinsky and Andra Gumbus), Computer Science & Information Technology Faculty Publications (2013)

Purpose - There are two claims made by the web marketing/advertising industry. 1) By collecting,...



Revealing the Commercialized and Compliant Facebook User (with Frances Grodzinsky and Andra Gumbus), Sociology Faculty Publications (2012)

Purpose – Facebook users are both producers and consumers (i.e. “prosumers”), in the sense that...



Ethical Implications of Internet Monitoring: A Comparative Study (with Frances Grodzinsky and Andra Gumbus), Business Faculty Publications (2010)

Organizations have become increasingly concerned about employee use of the Internet for personal reasons while...



Reading the Tea Leaves: Did Citigroup Risk their Reputation during 2004-2005? (with Christopher York and Andra Gumbus), Business Faculty Publications (2008)

Presented at ICAA's Second International Conference Globalization – The Good Corporation June 26–28, 2007 Baruch...



Catholic Students' Fatalism in Anticipation of Transhuman Technologies, Sociology Faculty Publications (2007)

Findings are presented from a qualitative study in which participants from a Catholic university in...