Stephen M. Brown came to Sacred Heart University as the Founding Dean of University
College, and is a former dean of the Welch College of Business. Among his accomplishments
at Sacred Heart University are the establishment of Sacred Heart University Online and
corporate campuses at three major corporations. 

Dr. Brown came to Sacred Heart University from Lesley University in Cambridge,
Massachusetts where he was the Dean of the Center for Adult Learning and Professor of
Management and Education. Previously, Dr. Brown was the Dean of the Graduate School and
the School of Management at Lesley University where he was credited with establishing
programs innovative in both delivery and content. These programs include a Masters in
Training and Development and the Institute for Corporate Education. 

Dr. Brown is a frequent presenter and trainer to professional groups and conferences.
Among the groups to whom he has presented are: The National Conference on Adult Learners,
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Professors' Group, Digital
Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Education Management Council, The National Center for
Excellence in Adult Learning, The Massachusetts ASTD Training for Trainers Program, The
Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), Techlearn, and the National
Conference on Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation. 

Dr. Brown also maintains a consulting practice in the areas of training, education, web
based learning and organizational change. His clients have included: Prudential Life
Insurance, The American Council on Education, Massachusetts Office of Economic Affairs,
The Massachusetts High Tech Council, GTE/Sylvania and Linkage, Inc. He has also been
involved with collaborations at DEC, Gould Modicom, Inc., AT&T,,
and the Internal Revenue Service. Dr. Brown was a Scholar in Residence at Digital
Equipment Corporation. 

He is also involved with many statewide and national boards, organizations, and task
forces, including the ACE Commission on Adult Learning. For five years, he was the
Founder and Co-chair of the Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation of Corporate Training
Conference. He also served as the Chair of the National Conference on Technology,
Learning, and Staff Development, as well as the Outsourcing Human Resources National

Dr. Brown has taught courses at Sacred Heart University, Lesley University, University of
Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Boston University and Northern Essex Community College. 

Degrees: Bachelor's, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; Master's,
University of Rhode Island; Doctorate, Boston University. 

Professor Brown's current areas of interests are: the training industry, learning in
an organizational context, technology's impact on learning structures, and
developing ethical leaders. Dr. Brown has developed over thirty curricula which have been
used in business and higher education. 



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Contributions to Books


Enlightened Leadership: Business’s Road Back to Social Responsibility, WCOB Faculty Publications (2011)

This paper attempts to make a case for the need for “new leadership" within the...