Impact of CONSORT Extension for Cluster Randomised Trials on Quality of Reporting and Study Methodology: Review of Random Sample of 300 Trials, 2000-8 (with N. M. Ivers, M. Taljaard, C. Bennett, A. McRae, J. Taleban, Z. Skea, J. C. Brehaut, R. F. Boruch, M. P. Eccles, J. M. Grimshaw, Charles Weijer, M. Zwarenstein, and A. Donner), British Medical Journal (2011)

OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of the 2004 extension of the CONSORT guidelines on the...



Inadequate Reporting of Research Ethics Review and Informed Consent in Cluster Randomised Trials: Review of Random Sample of Published Trials (with Monica Taljaard, Andrew D. McRae, Charles Weijer, Carol Bennett, Julia Taleban, Zoe Skea, Martin P Eccles, Jamie C. Brehaut, Allan Donner, Raphael Saginur, Robert F. Boruch, and Jeremy M. Grimshaw), British Medical Journal (2011)

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the extent to which authors of cluster randomised trials adhered to two...



Multiple Decrement Modeling in the Presence of Interval Censoring and Masking (with Peter Adamic and Daniel Gillis), Scandinavian Actuarial Journal (2010)

A self-consistent algorithm will be proposed to non-parametrically estimate the cause-specific cumulative incidence functions (CIFs)...


Forthcoming Articles

Applying a marginalized frailty model to competing risks (with G. Darlington and V. Edge) (2011)