I am currently an associate attorney with the Law Office of Haitham Ballout. One of
our major practice areas is in immigration law. 

I am primarily responsible for researching, writing, and briefing in the humanitarian
immigration area, specifically asylum, withholding, protection under the Convention
Against Torture. Many of our clients have petitions for review in the circuit courts. In
two cases we have filed petitions for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. 

My interest in this area derives from fact that both my parents were refugees from the
post World War II theater. 

Humanitarian Immigration Law


Defining a Core Zone of Protection in Asylum Law: Refocusing the Analysis of Membership in a Particular Social Group to Utilize Both the Social Visibility and Group Immutability Component Approaches., University of San Francisco Journal of Law and Social Challenges (2008)

The current analytical approach employed in assessing the merits of a new and novel claim...