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Maintaining diversity in America’s transit-rich neighborhoods: tools for equitable neighborhood change

Stephanie Pollack, Northeastern University
Barry Bluestone, Northeastern University
Chase Billingham, Northeastern University

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"A Report Prepared by the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University"

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Stephanie Pollack, Barry Bluestone, and Chase Billingham. "Maintaining diversity in America’s transit-rich neighborhoods: tools for equitable neighborhood change" 2010
Available at:

TRNEquityStationBlockGroups.xlsx (20 kB)
Station Block Groups

TRNEquityStationList.xlsx (20 kB)
Station List File

TRNEquityAllStationsData.xlsx (35 kB)
All Stations Data

TODstrategy.pdf (51 kB)
Policy Tool: Comprehensive Transit-Oriented Development Strategy

CBAs.pdf (68 kB)
Policy Tool: Community Benefits Agreements

CommunityEngagement.pdf (52 kB)
Policy Tool: Broad-based Community Engagement

CoordinatedPlanning.pdf (61 kB)
Policy Tool: Coordinated Planning by Local Governments and Transit Agencies

CorridorPlanning.pdf (63 kB)
Policy Tool: Transit Corridor Planning

AcquisitionFunds.pdf (62 kB)
Policy Tool: Transit-Oriented Development Acquisition Funds

HousingTrustFunds.pdf (70 kB)
Policy Tool: Housing Trust Funds and Other Acquisition Funds

LIHTaxCredits.pdf (50 kB)
Policy Tool: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

TIFDistricts.pdf (51 kB)
Policy Tool: Corridor-Based Tax Increment Financing Districts

InclusionaryZoning.pdf (66 kB)
Policy Tool: Inclusionary Zoning

IncentivePrograms.pdf (51 kB)
Policy Tool: Incentive Programs for Housing Production

JointDevelopment.pdf (62 kB)
Policy Tool: Incorporating Affordable Housing in Joint Development

TransitIncentives.pdf (65 kB)
Policy Tool: Transit Incentives for Housing Developments

ReducedParking.pdf (68 kB)
Policy Tool: Reduced Parking Requirements for Residential Development

UnbundledParking.pdf (50 kB)
Policy Tool: Unbundling the Price of Parking

CarSharing.pdf (51 kB)
Policy Tool: Car Sharing