Professor Fritzsche holds a Ph.D. in Germanic Studies from the University of
Minnesota and an M.A. in Modern European History from UCLA. She has lived and done
research in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, and Donaueschingen. Her current projects include an
article on the development of 70mm film in East Germany. She maintains an active interest
in instructional technology as well. Besides courses in language, literature, and culture
in German, she teaches LC 116 "German Postwar Film" (Art, G) and LC 272
"From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imagining the Future in Russia and Germany"
(IT, G) in English. 



“Keep the Home Fires Burning": Fairy Tale Heroes and Heroines in an East German Heimat, German Politics & Society (2012)

The article argues that the films Das kalte Herz (The Cold Heart, 1950) and Der...



A Natural and Artificial Homeland: East German Science-Fiction Film Responds to Kubrick and Tarkovsky, Film & History (2010)

As détente brought a thaw to the Cold War, two films appeared from opposite sides...



The Continuities of an East German Heimat: Gender and Technological Progress in Du bist min. Ein deutsches Tagebuch., German Quarterly (2010)

East Germany adopted past notions of German Heimat and rearticulated them to fit the contemporary...



East Germany's Werkstatt Zukunft: Futurology and the Science Fiction Films of defa-futurum, German Studies Review (2006)

East Germany produced a number of science fiction films, many of which came from Joachim...



Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 47, IWU Authors Bookshelf (2014)

Edited by Sonja Fritzsche, the collection contains fourteen chapters written by specialists from around the...



Science Fiction Literature in East Germany (2006)

East German science fiction enabled its authors to create a subversive space in another time...


Contributions to Books

Homeland Earth and the Other: 2001, Solaris, and Eolomea in Dialogue, New Cartographies for World Science Fiction (Forthcoming) (2013)


German Science Fiction, A Virtual Introduction to Science Fiction (2012)

Note: The link below leads to a video lecture and essay by Professor Sonja Fritzche,...




2012 Conference Poster, Undergraduate German Research Conference (2012)

Event poster for the 2012 German Undergraduate Research Conference.



German Undergraduate Research Conference Program (with Adam Woodis), Undergraduate German Research Conference (2012)

Complete conference program.


Faculty Advisor of Undergraduate Research