I specialize in 20th and 21st century Anglophone and anti/postcolonial literature
with an emphasis on women’s writing at the intersection of literary/cultural with
political and economic theories. 

I have edited two books--*Trans-Status Subjects* and *Sustainable Feminisms*. I am
currently editing one volume and writing two monographs. The volume is a re-edited memoir
by Cornelia Sorabji, an early 20th century modernist figure. One monograph is on
interdisciplinarity and globalization in 21st century higher education. The other
monograph is on five intellectuals defining their work in the context of fascist,
socialist, feminist, and capitalist ideologies--Gwendolyn Bennett, Grazia Deledda,
Victoria Ocampo, Cornelia Sorabij, and Virginia Woolf. I have published essays on
modernism and modernist figures, and am currently writing essays on subalternity and
indigeneity in neoliberal globalization from a feminist perspective. I also write blogs
for the Minnesota Humanities Association and the national Democratic Socialist

I offer courses in feminist postmodern and anti/postcolonial theories, 20th and 21st
century transnational comparative women's writing, and sociopolitical activism. I
have been the recipient of awards from the American Council on Education, the Minnesota
NEH Foundation, and from the Mellon, Bush, Hewlett and Wallace Foundations. A Ford
Foundation Emerging Leaders grant led to the "Sustainable Feminisms" conference
at Macalester in 2003 at which academics, activists, social workers, and policy makers
gathered to discuss the relationships between feminist theories and practices. I received
the American Council on Education fellowship in higher education administration in 2007. 

I have been teaching at Macalester since 1995. 

Education: B.A., Loreto College, Calcutta, India, 1984; M.A., Calcutta University,
Calcutta, India, 1987; M.A., University of California, Los Angeles, 1989; Ph.D.,
University of California, Los Angeles, 1993 

Book Reviews and Other Shorter Scholarly Items


Gwendolyn Bennett and Victoria Ocampo Capture the Continents, The Review of International American Studies (2009)

Books/Monographs Published and In Progress

Book Chapters/Journal Articles

Subalternity in and out of Time, in and out of History, Gramsci and Foucault: A Reassessment (2014)

Virginia Wolf in the British Commonwealth, Virginia Wolf and the Common(wealth) Reader (2014)

Woolf and Theories of Postcolonialism, Virginia Woolf in Context (2012)

Introduction, Sustainable Feminisms (2007)