Professor Rolland’s current research focuses on the framework for development in
international trade law. Her research interests include public international law,
international trade law, environmental law and energy regulation. She teaches
International Law, International Trade Law and International Litigation. 

Professor Rolland has published on several aspects of international law. Through the
exploration of different subjects, her research examines the intersection of different
legal regimes to improve the understanding of an increasingly multi-layered international
and transnational legal order. Her article, “The Precautionary Principle: Development of
an International Standard” (23 Michigan Journal of International Law 429, 2002), has
received several awards and its findings have been endorsed by the International Law
Commission in a Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly. 

In 2003, she joined the energy law practice of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan in
Washington, DC. Her practice focused on international trade in energy commodities and the
development of import infrastructure in the United States, as well as environmental
regulation of oil and natural gas shipping in the United States and internationally. 

Professor Rolland served as a judicial clerk at the International Court of Justice in The
Hague (Netherlands) for President Gilbert Guillaume and Judge Ronny Abraham. 

Prior to joining the law school faculty in 2009, she served as a visiting research
scholar at Columbia University Law School in 2006 and taught as a visiting professor at
the University of Michigan Law School. 



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