Dr Simon J Pervan, BCom(Auck), MCom(Auck), PhD(Melb) 

Dr Simon Pervan is an adjunct associate professor of marketing in the Southern Cross
School of Business and Tourism. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from The University of
Melbourne, Australia. His research focus is on primarily on strategic brand management,
and understanding the expectations that customers bring to marketing exchange.
Simon's recent work includes an examination of the personal advantages of upholding
a reciprocity norm in marketing relationships. In addition, he has investigated the
motivation behind customers going the extra mile to help a service workers. Current
projects include an examination of value creation in Facebook, the effect of consumer
empathy on stigmatised service workers, and cynicism on advertising effects. He has
particular analytical competences in structural equation modelling and scale development.
Simon has published widely in recognised international journals including the Journal of
Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Marketing Letters, Journal of
Marketing Communications, and International Journal of Advertising. He is also currently
the Co Editor in Chief of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 

Simon is a principal investigator on a Category 1 $220K, two year, OLT grant, examining
the resource requirements of DBA candidates, and a one year $20K Faculty Research Grant
at the University of Melbourne examining consumer empathy and stigmatised service
workers. In 2012, he was elected for a three year term onto the Executive Committee of
the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC). 

Journal articles


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In July 2010, Coffs Harbour, Australia was announced as one of fourteen National Broadband Network...



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Book chapters

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Editorials, book reviews


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