I am an assistant professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. I teach courses on Italian language,
literature and culture. 

I am interested in the modernity of Italy and Europe in all of its aspects (the literary,
the technological, the visual), and in the broad narrative, epistemological, and
scientific shifts that occurred between 19th and 20th century, and that shaped the modern

I received my PhD in Italian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley (2007),
and I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in International Humanities at the Cogut Center for the
Humanities at Brown University (2009). 

My first book project, "Gendering Novels. Problematic Characters in the Modern
Italian Novel," on the intersection between narrative, epistemology and gender in
modern Italian novels, is currently under contract with the University of Toronto Press
(forthcoming in 2014). 

I have also a passion for the history of publishing and print technologies. My second
book project is devoted to Milanese publisher Sonzogno. 

I published articles on fin-de-siecle Milanese writer Neera, on trauma narratives in Pier
Paolo Pasolini, on the relationship between literature and photography, on the history of
publishing, and on the "familiar" archive of Triestine photographer Wanda Wulz
(forthcoming). I am currently developing a digital metadata repository of the Sonzogno
historical catalogue, a first sample of which will be available online early 2013. 

Sample courses taught: "Masterpieces of Italian Literature," "Italiani,
Italiane: Literature, Nation and Gender," "Italian Modernisms: Pirandello,
Svevo, Borgese, and Deledda," "Modern Italian Novels: from Manzoni to
Tondelli," "Twentieth Century Literature and Photography," and
"Theory and Practice of Italian Cinema." 

Articles and Book Reviews


Still figures: Photography, modernity and gender in Neera’s Fotografie matrimoniali, The Italianist (2010)

This essay discusses author Neera's early novel "Fotografie matrimoniali" (1883) in light of its ambiguous...



Gendered Quests: Analysis, Revelation and the Epistemology of Gender in Neera's "Teresa", "Lydia" and "L'indomani", The Italianist (2008)

This essay is devoted to Milanese fin-de-siècle writer Neera, more specifically to the three novels...


Contributions to Books


An Imaged Life. Wanda Wulz and the Familiar Archive, A 'window' on the Female Modernist 'I': from Neera to Elsa Morante (2013)

This essay reviews Italian photographer Wanda Wulz's (1903-1984) artistic production in light of the family...


Casa editrice Sonzogno: mediazione culturale, circuiti del sapere ed innovazione tecnologica nell'Italia unificata (1861-1900), The Printed Media in Fin-de-siecle Italy: Publishers, Writers, and Readers (2011)

Online Project


Sonzogno Digital Library - 1885 Sample, Web (2013)

Questo sito presenta il primo esempio di raccolta dati librari transnazionale effettuato sulla produzione dell'editore...



Progetto Sonzogno, GoogleSites (2011)

This is a sample of my research on the history of publishing.


Teaching Material