Journal articles

Impact of Sub-urban Transit-oriented Developments on Residential Property Values (with Christopher Ferrell), Transportation Research Part A (2013)
Transit impact fee: Enabling statutes and equity concerns (with ADAM SMITH), Transportation Research Record (2013)

Contributions to books

Valuation of Local Public Goods and Services: A Note, Environmental Valuation: Intraregional and Interregional Perspectives (2006)
We Tell if Smart Growth Aids or Thwarts Affordable Housing? (with Daniel Carlson), Growth Management and Affordable Housing: Do They Conflict? (2004)

Peer reviewed research monographs


Neighborhood Crime and Non-Auto Mode Choice (with Christopher Ferrell and Emy Mendoza) (2008)

Consulting reports

Snohomish County Annexation Transition Study (with Hilda Blanco) (2002)
Land Use Zoning Code for Jaipur Master Plan-2011 (with Hemendra Mathur) (1999)

Research briefs