Dr. Mathur is a professor of urban and regional planning at San Jose State
University. He has over 15 years of experience in academia, corporate sector, and

His body of work includes one book and more than 60 book-length manuscripts, book
chapters, journal articles, working papers, conference papers/presentations, and
consulting projects in the fields of urban & real estate economics, housing, public
finance, international planning, growth management, land use planning, transportation
planning, urban design, emergency management, and systems analysis. 

Dr. Mathur serves as an affiliate faculty for the San José State University's first
'stand alone' doctoral program: An Ed.D. in educational leadership. 

Journal articles


Impact of Urban Growth Boundary on Housing and Land Prices: Evidence from King County, Washington, Housing Studies (2014)

This study provides evidence of the impact of an urban growth boundary (UGB) on housing...

Impact of Sub-urban Transit-oriented Developments on Residential Property Values (with Christopher Ferrell), Transportation Research Part A (2013)


Land value capture to fund public transportation infrastructure: Examination of joint development projects' revenue yield and stability (with Adam Smith), Transport Policy (2013)

This paper examines joint development projects' ability to generate revenue for transit agencies. Using interviews,...



Self-financing urbanization: Insights from the use of Town Planning Schemes in Ahmadabad, India, Cities (2013)

Through an in-depth review of the financing structures of two projects developed using land readjustment...

Transit impact fee: Enabling statutes and equity concerns (with ADAM SMITH), Transportation Research Record (2013)



Innovation in Public Transport Finance: Property Value Capture, Books by SJSU Authors (2014)

With all levels of governments under significant fiscal stress, any new transit funding mechanism is...


Contributions to books

Valuation of Local Public Goods and Services: A Note, Environmental Valuation: Intraregional and Interregional Perspectives (2006)
We Tell if Smart Growth Aids or Thwarts Affordable Housing? (with Daniel Carlson), Growth Management and Affordable Housing: Do They Conflict? (2004)

Peer reviewed research monographs


Neighborhood Crime and Non-Auto Mode Choice (with Christopher Ferrell and Emy Mendoza) (2008)

Consulting reports

Snohomish County Annexation Transition Study (with Hilda Blanco) (2002)
Land Use Zoning Code for Jaipur Master Plan-2011 (with Hemendra Mathur) (1999)

Research briefs