A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College in 1990 I spent three years in small
animal and exotic practice before returning to the OVC to complete my DVSc degree in
anatomic pathology. My research was on glomerular disease in mink as a result of
excessive vaccination strategies. From this developed an interest in renal pathology that
has continued to this day and resulted in my authoring the renal chapter in Pathologic
Basis of Disease by McGavin and Zachary. Additionally, research interests include
veterinary neoplasia with special interests in ferret tumors and canine mast cell tumors.
I oversee the immunohistochemistry service here at UTCVM and enjoy offering that
ancillary test for challenging diagnostic and research cases. I teach in the veterinary
curriculum in General Pathology and Oncology. I am involved heavily in the day to day
interactions with our anatomic residency program. 



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