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Biodiversity Monitoring: The Missing Ingredient

Kamaljit S. Bawa, University of Mass
Shaily Menon, University of Massachusetts - Boston


With mounting losses in biological diversity, inventorying and monitoring of biodiversity to assess the magnitude and rate of losses are emerging as dominant themes in conservation biology. Inventorying has been defined as the surveying, sorting, cataloging, quantifying and mapping of entities ranging from genes to landscapes1 and monitoring has been defined as the surveillance of the compliance with or deviation from a predetermined standard2. Renner and Ricklefs3 argued that rushed inventories will compromise scientific rigor and have little influence on decision making. More recently, Stork et al.4 argued that losses in biological diversity are so severe that inventorying and monitoring must be accorded a high priority and can have a major impact on policy-making and public opinion.

Suggested Citation

Kamaljit S. Bawa and Shaily Menon. "Biodiversity Monitoring: The Missing Ingredient" Trends in Ecology and Evolution 12.1 (1997): 42.