Steven Sexton is a Ph.D. candidate in agricultural and resource economics at UC
Berkeley. His research focuses on environmental and behavioral economics and
agricultural, environmental and energy policy. 

Environmental Economics


Conspicuous conservation and private provision of public goods (with Alison Sexton), Western Agricultural Economics Association (2011)


Conspicuous Conservation: The Prius Effect and Willingness to Pay for Environmental Bona Fides (2011)

The notion that individuals seek status among their peers predates economics. A considerable literature has...



Did High Gas Prices Cause the Great Recession? Theory and Empirical Evidence (with JunJie Wu and David Zilberman), Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (2011)


Paying for Pollution? How General Equilibrium Effects Undermine the 'Spare the Air' Program (2011)

Policy-makers have relied on non-coercive mechanisms to achieve socially optimal outcomes in a variety of...



Agricultural Biotechnology Can Help Mitigate Climate Change (with David D. Zilberman), Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics ARE Update (2010)

Agricultural Economics

The Economics of Biofuel Policy and Biotechnology (with Gal Hochman and David D. Zilberman), Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization (2011)

This paper employs a partial equilibrium trade framework to show that biofuel policy can substitute...



Biofuel policy must evaluate environmental, food security and energy goals to maximize net benefits (with Deepak Rajagapol, Gal Hochman, David D. Zilberman, and David Roland-Holst), California Agriculture (2011)

The biofuel industry has received billions of dollars in support from governments around the world,...



Model estimates food-versus-biofuel trade-off (with Deepak Rajagapol, Gal Hochman, David Roland-Holst, and David D. Zilberman), California Agriculture (2011)

Biofuels have been criticized for raising food prices and reducing food production. While biofuels have...



The Economic and Marketing Challenges of Horticultural Biotechnology (with David Zilberman), Transgenic Horticultural Crops: Challenges and Opportunities (2011)

As the world debates the risks and benefits of plant biotechnology, the proportion of the...



Biotechnology and Biofuels (with David Zilberman), Genetically Modified Food and Global Welfare (2011)

Purpose – To identify how agricultural biotechnology addresses the two challenges facing agriculture: to feed...


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