Professor Serwan Baban BSc(Baghdad) MSc(Baghdad) PhD Cert TL(East Anglia) FRGS FGS

*Please note that this page has not been updated since August 2009. 

Serwan Baban was Professor of Environmental Geoinformatics in the School of Environmental
Science and Management at Southern Cross University from 2008-2009. 

He obtained his PhD in Environmental Remote Sensing from the University of East Anglia,
UK in 1991 and his MSc in Geophysics and BSc in Geology from the University of Baghdad,
Iraq during 1983 and 1980 respectively. He has worked as a Research Assistant and Senior
Research Associate in the School of Environmental Sciences, The University of East
Anglia, UK. Then as a Lecturer and later a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography in the
University of Coventry, UK. He moved to the University of the West Indies during
September 2000 to become the Professor of Surveying and Land Information and at a later
date the Chairman, School for Gradate Studies and Research at the St. Augustine Campus in
Trinidad. He moved to Australia to Join Southern Cross University during January 2007. 

His research interests are in Geosciences, Environmental Sciences and in Geinformatics
(Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS). He has undertaken extensive research and
consultancy work in these areas in Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Malaysia, United
Kingdom, USA and the Caribbean Region. 

Serwan has published extensively in international/national journals, international
conference proceedings, and chapters in books as well as consultancy reports. He is an
academic referee for scientific papers for a wide range of National and International
Journals. His research has been funded by various local, regional, national and global
organizations worldwide. 

To date, Serwan has successfully graduated, and is currently supervising a number of
MPhil/PhD students and has been involved in examining MSc and MPhil/PhD student’s

Serwan founded and directed the GIS and Remote Sensing Research Utility (GRRU) Group at
Coventry University, UK from 1994-2000. He also formed and directed the Center for
Caribbean Land and Environmental Appraisal Research (CLEAR) at the University of the West
Indies in Trinidad. Recently he has established the Centre for Geoinformatics Research
and Environmental Assessment Technology (GREAT) at Southern Cross University. This Centre
conducts research and consultancy in Environment-related fields underpinned by

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Conference publications

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