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Abstract: The law governing police interrogation provides perverse incentives. For criminal suspects, the law rewards...



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In its opinion in McDonald v. City of Chicago, 130 S.Ct. 3020 (2010), concerning the...



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Critics of peremptory-challenge systems commonly contend that they inevitably inflict “inequality harm” on many excused...



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This article examining the ethical challenges confronting most public defender attorneys is framed as a...



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The federal death penalty results in few executions but is central to the larger story...



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Understanding Capital Punishment Law, Second Edition (with Linda E. Carter and Ellen Kreitzberg) (2008)

Contributions to Books

Capital Punishment: Due Process Limits, I Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (2006)
Capital Punishment: Eighth Amendment Limits, I Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (2006)
Publicity in Criminal Cases, Encycopedia of Crime & Justice (2002)