The inaugural holder of The Darald and Juliet Libby Chair, Professor Sanford N. Katz
joined the Boston College Law School faculty in 1968 and teaches Family Law and
Contracts. The Darald and Juliet Libby Chair is in honor of Michael G. Pierce, S.J. 

Professor Katz has served as Chairman of the Family Law Section of the American Bar
Association, President of the International Society of Family Law and Editor-in Chief of
the Family Law Quarterly. He has been named Editor-in-Chief of the Brill Research
Perspectives in Family Law in a Global Society, published by Brill Nijhoff of The
Netherlands. He is a member of various editorial boards of journals and, in addition to
his published articles and books, has been the chief drafter of model child welfare
legislation for the federal government. He is a Special Contributor and Consultant for
Law for the Fourth Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
published by Houghton Mifflin Company. 

Professor Katz clerked for Chief Judge Marvin Jones, U. S. Court of Appeals for the
Federal Circuit, in 1958-59. 



Family Law in America, Second Edition (2014)

Discusses the evolution of same-sex marriage rights and the way these rights affect family law

Adoption Laws in a Nutshell (with Daniel R. Katz) (2012)

With the number of people waiting to adopt children, the need for a comprehensive yet...



Family Law in America (2011)

This volume examines the present state of family law in America. Among its themes is...



Cross Currents : Family Law and Policy in the United States and England (with John Eekelaar and Mavis Maclean) (2000)



The Metamorphosis of Marriage and Adoption (with Daniel R. Katz), Massachusetts Lawyers Journal (2012)


Preserving the Family Through Change for the Sake of Future Generations, Droit de la Famille (2011)

Within the last fifty years, a transformation has taken place in American law. Before then,...

Our 'Moral Architect', Boston College Law School Magazine (2011)


Family Solidarity Versus Social Solidarity in the United States, International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family (2010)

Contributions to Books

The Family Law World of Michael Freeman, Law and Society: Reflections on Children, Family, Culture and Philosophy. Essays in Honour of Michael Freeman (2015)


Adoption in the US and England and Wales (with John Eekelaar), Routledge Handbook of Family Law and Policy (2014)


Fifty Years in the Transformation of American Family Law: 1960-2011, Fifty Years in Family Law: Essays for Stephen Cretney (2012)


Robert F. Drinan, S.J. (1920-2007), Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (2009)

This book is the first to gather in a single volume concise biographies of the...



Protecting Children Through State and Federal Laws, The International Survey of Family Law (2007)

Selected Professional Activities

The Legal Aspects of Parenthood, What Is Parenthood?: Contemporary Debates about the Family (2013)

In celebration of the publication of What Is Parenthood?: Contemporary Debates about the Family by...

Board Member, Oxford Family Law and Policy Project (2012)
Fifty Years in the Transformation of American Law, Conference at House of Lords (2011)
The Best Interests of the Child in Relocation Cases, Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Family Law Section (2011)
Family Solidarities and Collective Solidarities, Solidarity Through the Generations, International Society of Family Law (2011)



Preparing and Trying a Custody Case [videorecording.] (1981)

Preparing and Trying a Custody Case. Videorecording. Chicago: ABA Consortium for Professional Education with the...