Samuel J. Smith is Professor and Director of the School Administration Program at
Liberty University. Prior to coming to Liberty in 2006, he taught at Belhaven University
and Mid-America Christian University. He also served in both public and private K-12
schools and was administrator of schools in Texas and Florida. 

Dr. Smith holds degrees from Oklahoma State University (Ed.D. Curriculum and
Instruction), Grace College (M.A. School Administration), and Mid-America Christian
University (B.A. English). He completed post-baccalaureate studies at Houston Baptist
University (History Education). 

Together with his wife Sonja, also an educator, he enjoys music, theater, reading, the
beach, and time with family. 

LIFE VERSE: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will
counsel you with my loving eye on you" (Psalm 32:8, NIV). 

RESEARCH INTERESTS: • Learning Theory • Character Education • Educational Leadership •
History Education • English Education • Second-Career Teachers (Career Switchers) 



Public and Private School Administration: An Overview in Christian Perspective (with James A. Swezey (Editor)) (2013)

Whether preparing for a future position as a principal or presently beginning to navigate the...


Contributions to Books


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Disparaged by his critics as a liberal, Calvinist, mystic, and heretic, Horace Bushnell’s theology—particularly his...



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Building upon the previous chapter’s discussion of the importance of a shared vision, this chapter...



Case Studies: Developing Decision-making Skills in Diverse Simulated Environments, Handbook of Virtual Online Instruction and Programs in Education Leadership (2012)

Traditional print case studies have been a long-standing instructional strategy for educational leadership preparation programs....



Death of a Child, Popular Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling (2011)

Of the possible losses one might experience, the death of a child is among the...


Journal Articles


Success Despite Socioeconomics: A Case Study of a High-Achieving, High-Poverty School (with Thomas Brent Tilley and Russell L. Claxton), Journal of School Public Relations (2013)

This case study of a high-achieving, high-poverty school describes the school’s leadership, culture, and programs...



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This phenomenological study investigated the experiences of principals who initiated special education programs in Christian...



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This study investigated the approaches and attitudes of Christian school teachers as they addressed controversial...



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This hermeneutic phenomenological study examines the phenomenon of the calling to teach. Nine participants were...




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The ETIPS framework for case studies transcends traditional text-based cases. The online case studies afford...



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Believing that rubrics complicate grading and are more time-consuming, many teachers avoid using them altogether....



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Classroom teachers have made progress understanding and implementing differentiated instruction, but what about assessments? Shouldn’t...



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It’s more than a scrapbook! You can implement meaningful portfolios that serve as evidence of...