Said Graiouid is the SIT Study Abroad Academic Dean for Africa and the Middle East
and Head of the Research Group of Migration and Culture at University Mohammed V – Agdal,
Rabat. He has an M.A. (1989) in comparative literature and critical theory from the
University Mohammed V-Agdal, Rabat, Morocco, and a Ph.D. (2000) in communication and
cultural studies from the School of Performing Arts, University of Surrey, UK. From 1992
to 1996, he had a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Radio-Television-Film Department
at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Since 1986, Dr. Graiouid has served as an assistant professor and then full professor of
Communication and Cultural Studies at University Mohammed V-Agdal, where he has designed,
coordinated and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in cultural studies and
communication, migration and post-colonial theory and culture and media studies. He was
also a founding faculty of the Communication Studies Program at Al Akhawayn University,
Ifrane, Morocco, and the Institute for Language and Communication Studies in Rabat. He is
currently head of the Research Group on Migration and Culture, housed at University
Mohammed V-Agdal, and the general editor of Langues et Littératures, University Mohammed
V-Agdal's journal in the humanities and social sciences. In addition, he is a
co-founder of the master’s program in cross-cultural studies, University Mohammed
V-Agdal, Rabat, a member of that university’s Research Unit on Culture and Development,
and a research fellow with the Africa Network Group, Stirling University, UK. Dr.
Graiouid has lectured at a number of institutions in Morocco, the United States and
Europe and taken part in international conferences on youth culture, migration and
cross-cultural dialogue. 

Dr. Graiouid's areas of academic interest include cultural studies and
communication, African studies and transnational networks, globalization and cultural
development, youth culture and identities, and the dynamics of cultural translation
across borders. He has published widely on Moroccan and North African culture and
politics. His most recent book is Communication and Everyday Performance: Public Space
and the Public Sphere in Morocco (2011). 


Communication and Everyday Performance: Public Space and the Public Sphere in Morocco., Publications of the Faculty of Letters and Human Science (2011)


We Have not Buried the Simple Past: the Public Sphere and Post-Colonial Literature in Morocco, The Journal of African Cultural Studies (2008)

This paper argues that Moroccan post-colonial literature engages the public sphere in a dialectical relationship...

A place on the terrace: the café and the public sphere in Morocco, The Journal of North African Studies. (2007)

This paper analyses processes through which informal association and unstructured co-mingling in Moroccan cafeacutes mediate...


Contributions to Books

Immigration, Security and Visual Rhetoric in Morocco, Who Can Act for the Human? (2008)
L’Université Marocaine: Savoir et Education, L’avenir des Facultés des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines (2008)
Social exile and virtual hrig: computer mediated interaction and the public sphere in Morocco, The Interaction Society: Practice, Theories and Supportive Technologies. (2005)

Conferences, Presentations, and Workshops

Transnational Mobility in a Post-Colonial Context: Visual Narratives of Immigrants in Morocco, Fostering Multicultural Competence and Global Justice: an SIT Symposium (2010)

Over the last decade, the increase in clandestine migration foregrounded the issue of migration and...

Moroccan Identities and Diversity, Paper presented at the Workshop on l'Université Citoyenne, a program for college students, children of Moroccan Diaspora (2010)