Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Pamela A. Collins, Eastern Kentucky University
Ryan K. Baggett, Eastern Kentucky University


Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection (Collins & Baggett - 2009) examines current security gaps, protection plans, and future options for keeping critical infrastructures safe from all-hazards. Early chapters offer condensed background on the Department of Homeland Security, the evolution of critical infrastructures in the US, and a review of key legislation, presidential directives, and the approach to assessing infrastructure. The second group of chapters looks at federally identified sectors of the national infrastructure. The third section of the book explains the concept of ‘all hazards’ and the four pillars of homeland security: prevent, prepare, respond, and recover. An extensive list of acronyms is included. The timing of the book coincides with recent significant revisions to key guidelines and documents set forth by the Department of Homeland Security.

Suggested Citation

Pamela A. Collins and Ryan K. Baggett. Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Security International, 2009.