I am Lecturer in Law (assistant professor) at the University of Reading, School of
Law, where I am a member of the Global Law at Reading (GLAR) research group. 

On the school’s LLM (postgraduate), I convene and teach International Refugee Law,
International Humanitarian Law, and International Human Rights Law. On the LLB
(undergraduate), I convene the core module Public Law 2 (administrative law and civil

I am a Senior Research Associate of the Refugee Law Initiative (Institute for Advance
Legal Study, University of London), and Editor-in-Chief of its Working Paper Series. 

I am also a researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute, analysing the treatment of
asylum seekers in Israel as part of the Constitutional Principles project. 

Additionally, I am an academic visitor at Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, and an
Associate Member of Lincoln College. 

Previous positions: I was a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School, affiliated with
its immigration and refugee clinic and with its human rights program; and a legal
advising officer (Captain)) at the Legal Counselor's Office of the Israel Defence
Forces (mandatory service). 

My doctoral thesis, written under the supervision of Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill (All
Souls College, University of Oxford), considered voting rights of recognised Geneva
Convention Refugees in their Countries of Asylum. While at Oxford, I was a Tutor in
Public International Law at the University of Oxford; convener of the Law Faculty's
"Human Rights Discussion Group", and co-organiser of the "Israel:
Historical, Political and Social Aspects" academic lectures series. 

Scholarly interests: Human Rights Law; Citizenship and the Franchise; International
Refugee Law; International Humanitarian Law; and Comparative Constitutional Law. 

Qualifications: I hold DPhil, MPhil, and BCL degrees from the University of Oxford; LL.M.
with specialisation in Public Law from Hebrew University; and a joint LLB and BA from the
University of Haifa. I was called to the Israeli bar in 2003. 



'Protecting Recognized Geneva Convention Refugees Outside their States of Asylum, International Journal of Refugee Law (2013)

This article highlights the predicament of persons recognized as refugees according to the Convention Relating...



Do Soldiers' Lives Matter? A View from Proportionality (with Sahi Otzari Esq.), Israel Law Review (2012)

A military operation is about to take place during an ongoing international armed conflict; it...




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Submission on International Law (with Oxford Pro Bono Publico), Submitted to the Iraq Inquiry (2010)

A collaborative submission prepared by six post-graduate students in international law at the University of...



The French 'headscarves Ban': Intolerance or Necessity ?, The John Marshall Law Review (2007)

The notion analyzed in the article is that a right can often be interpreted in...


Contributions to Books


Non-refoulemt between Common Article 1 and Common Article 3, Refuge from Inhumanity: Refugee Protection and the Laws of War (2014)


Out-of-Country Voting: The Predicament of the Recognised 1951 Convention Refugee, Forced Migration(s): Critical Reflections on Refugee Law (2014)

‘Out-of-Country Voting: The Predicament of the Recognised Refugee’ points to an emerging global trajectory to...



An Imperative for Today: Recognizing a Positive Legal Right to Palliative Care (in Hebrew) (with Sylviane Colombo), LAW, SOCIETY AND CULTURE (2004)

The issue of palliative care, which is increasingly at the heart of the end-of-life discourse...


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Reclaiming the Human Rights Agenda, Cherwell (2009)

This contribution offers a critical appraisal of the Durban Review Conference